#75 – Pick a famous woman that is admirable and read her biography (Yes, Please)

When I made up this goal almost 3 years ago, I did not think I would choose the biography (really, autobiography… memoir… whatever) of Amy Poehler.

Funny? Yes. Entertaining? Definitely. Admirable? I wasn’t so sure.

But after reading Yes, Please, I feel like I couldn’t have chosen a better lady to spend time getting to know through her own stories and hilarious anecdotes. Was some of it raunchy? Yes. Did I cringe at the awkwardness of some of her real-life encounters? Of course. But I also came to see that Amy is just a gal. A gal who loves comedy and making people smile and has a really good perspective on not taking herself too seriously.

My favorite quote for the book said this:

Yes Please

Amy mentioned that it should be every girl’s mantra, and I couldn’t agree more. It’s so easy to look at all the great things other gals are doing and become envious of what they have or get judgmental because it’s not a part of your plan… But it shouldn’t matter! I want to live with an attitude that is genuinely excited for the women around me and the exciting things happening in their lives while still staying true to my dreams and desires.

Good for her, not for me. So simple. So meaningful.

I had a lot of fun reading Yes, Please. (Woohoo! It was my first book off of my 2015 Book List!) Plenty of funny things to keep me entertained. What woman’s memoir/ autobiography/ biography would you like to read?