FriYAY Faves (& only 7 days until Christmas!)

I cannot handle the fact that Christmas is only 7 days away! And today is the last day of school for a little bit! WAHOO!! I’m having an excitement overload this morning! 🙂

If you’re looking for a few last minute gifts that any gal would love, check out my last FriYAY Faves before Christmas! Don’t worry, I love FriYAY Faves so much that I think I may just keep them all year round!

FriYAY Faves

1. “With All Your Heart” hand stamped necklace from Befriending Faithfulness ($20) – My friend Erin has opened a beautiful Etsy shop called Befriending Faithfulness. She makes AWESOME hand stamped jewelry (and can even personalize it to say anything you want!) and embroidered hoop art. All of her pieces are inspired by scripture and are SO encouraging. Plus, one of the things I love most about Erin’s shop is that she donates 10% each month to a worthy cause. Check out her blog and befriend Befriending Faithfulness! (See what I did there?)

2. Coral & Tusk hand linen from Firefly ($44) – I know it’s a lot for a hand towel… but look at those woodland creatures!!! Coral & Tusk also makes stockings with these same characters, so stock up and have them ready for next Christmas!

3. “The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking” book by Kate Payne ($20) – I adore Kate’s blog and visit it frequently. She does everything from canning and pickling to home decorating and gardening. All of her projects and lifestyle tips are fabulous and practical! Plus, her personality is just too cute, so I’m sure her Hip Girl’s Guide would be a fun read! Also… she just came out with “The Hip Girl’s Guide to the Kitchen”… I probably really need that one haha.

4. “Ready to Run” Vest from Red Dress Boutique ($46) – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I reeeeeally want a fur vest. But I’m having trouble finding the perfect one. Nothing that looks too fake, something that will go with everything, and something I won’t be tired of this time next year… It’s tough. But I really like this leather-trimmed faux fur vest. It’s just enough fur but not over the top. Plus, I think that it could stick around as a great winter piece for years to come.

5. “Let’s All Be Brave” mug made by Glory Haus from Annie F. Downs ($18.25) – Annie is one of my favorite people. We’ve only met three times, but she is truly an inspiration and never ceases to encourage me {especially through her social media platforms… including her new podcast!} Her new book “Let’s All Be Brave” urges you to be courageous, even when it’s not easy or convenient. And boy is that a message that I need over and over and over. I love this mug because I could sip my cup o’ joe each morning from it and be reminded to walk through the day bravely. Thanks, Annie, for such a strong message and a cute tool to serve as a reminder of it!!

Hurry hurry and get that Christmas shopping done!! And then sit back and enjoy the holidays, won’t you? Because remember, it’s not really about the presents at all. 🙂

FriYAY Faves!

These are a few of my favorite things… (Yes, I’m singing it too.)

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 4.58.15 PM

1. Elly Uneven Hem Tulle Skirt from Philanthropy ($56) – How gorgeous is that skirt? I think I need it for a Christmas party or two. Plus, have you heard of Philanthropy?? My good friend just opened a location in Athens, Ga, and as if Philanthropy didn’t already have the cutest clothes, they also do SO. MUCH. GOOD. For instance, 100% of their web proceeds are donated to charity… Um, hellooooo. That’s some feel-good, do-good retail therapy.

2. “You Are Enough” notebook from B is for Bonnie ($15) – White foil. About the only thing prettier than gold foil. And this craft paper notebook is not only great for doodling but also for reminding you each and every time that you open that “You Are Enough”. So don’t be anyone else, okay??

3. Baggu Backpack in Sailor Stripe ($38) – A canvas backpack is a classic for a grab-and-go gal. This one is the perfect size to hold your cutesy B is for Bonnie notebook (above) and your watercolors (below) so that you can stroll to the coffee shop and paint to your heart’s content.

4. Peter Pan from the Puffin Chalk Series ($7.99) – I love chalk. And I loooooooove Peter Pan. This would be a great coffee table addition. And it would encourage me to reread the classic that I fell in love with as a little girl. There’s also Pippi Longstocking and The Wizard of Oz!

5. Artist’s Loft watercolors ($4.99) – They’re inexpensive and you can get them from any Michael’s store… But they get the job done. I’m filling my time with lots of pen (or brush) to paper moments, and this set is compact, includes tons of colors, and is great for the beginner that just wants to get their brush wet. Pun intended.

Have the happiest of weekends!!