Influenster: The Bra Edition

Ya’ll… Do you know how pricey sports bras can be? Let’s just say they can be pricey enough that my cheap self won’t replace them for years. Literally, years.

My poor husband has heard me complain while running time and time and time again, and each time he says the logical male thing… “Buy a new one”. But it’s not that easy, men!! It’s not that easy. I once bought a sports bra, and every time I wear it I feel like I’m going to be sick (for the record, it might be too small). Then on the other hand I have a drawer full of sports bras that are SO comfortable but provide absolutely zero support. I feel like it’s a Catch-22; you either have painful but highly supportive (as in you can’t move) or comfortable with way too much wiggle room.

Obviously, these are both problems for the running woman.

But then along comes my Internet BFF, Influenster, and magically I’m made a believer in the most glorious of all sports bras in the whole world, the VSX Incredible. And my friends, it lives up to its name.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 8.22.11 PM


When I got the initial survey for Influenster for this VoxBox, I prayed (again, literally) that I would be chosen because, if I’m being honest, I was in no way ever going to even consider getting a Victoria’s Secret sports bra. Hah! Like I’m going to buy a $50 sports bra. I won’t even go and replace the $10 one. But if I got a free one… 🙂 

And then I was told I’d qualified and would get my bra soon, and I thought “YES! I totally tricked the system! I’m getting a really good sports bra for free and I’ll never even have to buy one myself!”

Ladies and gents (if you’re still reading the bra blog), VS Sport and Influenster are who did the tricking. Because let me tell you, I tried on the Incredible sports bra and immediately vowed to never take it off… Like ever. I’m already planning my trip to Victoria’s Secret to get one in every color available and I will NEVER go back to the cheap sports bra. Because really the only thing a cheap bra buys you is a miserable workout. With the VSX Incredible I am confident, comfortable, and totally able to focus on my workout (not how badly my chest aches)… That’s priceless, people. $50 now will also probably save me thousands in the long run when I don’t have intense pains from careless workouts of my youth… Jussayin’. 

I’m going through a serious #SportsBraBreakup and I’ll only be true to my VSX Incredible. It deserves my undivided attention and loyalty.

Oh, and did I leave out that they also threw some workout pants in there… for no cost? I’m talking an entire workout outfit (valued at about $120 all together), and I know now why they were able to send out such expensive merchandise to cheap-o’s like me. It’s because now that I’ve experienced the QUALITY of the GOOD stuff, I’ll never go back. Dangit… They got me good.

If you’re not excited after reading this, no worries. But if you ARE, send me your email address and I’ll send you a personal invite to the best online product testing site there is!!

Oh, and I got this cool VS Sport swag for free from Influenster, just in case you missed that 🙂 *VoxBox