Sister Roadtrip!!!!

When your sister-in-love asks you to take a spontaneous roadtrip back to your old stomping grounds…

You don’t even think about saying no!


We had an absolute blast yesterday!! With less than 12 hours in the city, we knew we had to make the most of it. I was going to list it all out… but she did such a good job of it 🙂


Whew! Could out afternoon have been any fuller?! The best part of it all was getting to think about all the special memories in Athens and all of the wonderful people I was able to share those memories with. There’s about 20 people I need to call now to tell them that I love them. Haha! But one things for sure… We all leave the city, but it never leaves us.


Judah Press Entertainment

If you’re looking for an amazing DJ in the Southeast, I’d like for you to meet my friend Jesse.

He is the founder of Judah Press Entertainment, the DJ of our wedding (and many, many, many others), and a wonderful man of God! He has the most electric personality and truly gets the party going anytime he enters the room!


We hired Jesse as our wedding DJ and he was absolutely phenomenal! He chose all the right tunes, worked with us for hours upon hours to help personalize our reception, and even came to visit me before the wedding ceremony to reassure me that all details were taken care of… and that we were about to have the best party ever!

Jesse is based in Athens, GA, but he can travel for weddings, social events, and camps too! Check him out on Facebook!

FriYAY Faves!

This weekend is the beloved Ga/Fla Football Extravaganza! So in honor of football, the Dawgs, and my beautiful Athens, I give you the FriYAY Faves 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 7.21.08 PM

1. Athens, Georgia Typographic Neighborhood Print ($25) – Don’t get me wrong, I love the bold red and black Arch prints, Hairy Dawg paintings, and photos of Uga V biting that Auburn player’s booty, but this print is a classic. And one that could work in your adult loft or family home, not just your dorm room. Plus, after looking at Seth’s blog and other work I’m convinced that this will not be the only print of his I have in my home!

2. Piccadilly Picnic Basket ($78) – Alright… Caught me again. This is from Target. BUT every good tailgate needs a picnic basket with precious red plaid (GO DAWGS!) and service for 2. When you’re planning a tailgate, even just for 2, you want it to look its finest. So I like this. Therefore, it’s a fave 🙂

3. Beau Miracle Jewelry red, black, & gold bangles ($35 for set of 3) – Somehow I was lucky enough to stumble upon this gorgeous artistry. I think I want every bangle Dessy makes!!! With her decoupage and hand-painted designs, her pieces make for eye-catching arm candy. And some red and black bangles would be perfection as a game day accessory!

4. “Glory Glory” Burlap Pillow ($25) – Luckily I already own this one thanks to my bestie 🙂 It looks great in armchairs. It looks great on beds. It looks great just about anywhere and is a precious reminder of the passionate cheering done at our dear football games… without be gawdy or tacky. #winning

5. Levart Designs Infinity Scarf ($20) – Okay, this one is special. The connection to UGA is that these scarves are made by one of my dear friends from college to fund her adventures and travels. Her HANDMADE infinity scarves and cowls are lovely. And she will even let you choose a color and get a custom! I’m so proud of my friend, Amelia, and can’t wait to see where her stitching allows her to go!

And there you have it! Go Dawgs! And happy weekend!

Nothing says Fall like…


I don’t consider myself the sportiest girl in the world. In fact, I don’t consider myself all that sporty at all. (Unless we’re running or Zumba-ing or boxing… I’m active, not sporty.)

But give me college football and I will be the happiest go-sportiest person in the room! Go Dawgs!


So far the Dawgs have had a great season, and Will and Ginger have had a pretty good season too!

Here are some of the highlights: Game 1 vs. Clemson we hosted a tailgate at our apartment with friends and hot wings and a big win! Game 2 vs. the Gamecocks we ventured down to Will’s family’s house and again had food and lots of fun. Unfortunately no win… But Game 3 vs. Troy was a sweet victory at our favorite restaurant, Margaritas! Game 4 vs. Tennessee we were moving. Hah! We spent the morning moving and the afternoon sitting on an empty floor with a tv cheering on the Dawgs. And Game 5 vs. Vandy… We got to go HOME to Athens! My husband is the best person there ever was and let me go to a game WITHOUT HIM… He’s an angel (especially since Mary & I had 3rd row, padded seats… no big :)), and once again we were able to spend time with people with really really like.

TailgateGameday Tailgate2GamedayWhether it’s at home with friends or in the stadium with friends, there’s just something about this season.

I think it’s the fact that it brings us all to one city.


You know, when college ends your friends get thrown around the map, and that’s hard! But maybe I’m just a sentimental football fan that likes what the season represents… Unity. Commitment. A common passion. Look at me getting all deep over here about the Dawgs. If my ramblings aren’t enough, just try this video out for size and tell me this isn’t a special time of year.