FriYAY Faves!

Christmas is coming!! You can finally feel it in the air. (And we’re definitely feeling it at school… 10 more days!) With that in mind, I give you possibly my favorite Fave yet!

FriYAY Faves 12.5.14

  1. Wood Block Geo Pear with Gold Leaf by Ettie Ink ($42.33) – I can’t even tell you how I stumbled across this pretty, but I sure am glad I did. Ettie Ink is graphic designer company… in Australia! Michelle specializes in custom stationary and wedding suites, but her handmade art blocks are some of my favorite pieces! This pear is super cute and would be precious in my future kitchen. I’m seeing pastels and GOLD everywhere. All gold everything.
  2. “Hey Babe, We Are Blessed” Print by Fleecher Designs ($10) – Beautiful handlettering, the sweetest words, and a gal with Thomasville roots. This print is everything. I saw Laura’s prints in the Sturdy Brothers‘ pop-up while in T-ville and was inspired by her simple, classic prints. I think it’d look great just about anywhere.
  3. Thick Knit Ear Warmer Headband in Marble Gray from AquaGiraffe ($20) – A winter must-have. For the days that the wind is blowing but you don’t want to compromise a good hair day… The ear warmer is the perfect accessory to accent your winter style! There’s some really great jewelry in the AquaGiraffe shop too.
  4. The Sabrina Fairchild necklace by Kiel James Patrick ($88) – First of all, if you aren’t following KJP & SarahKJP on Instagram, you’re not doing Instagram right. KJP is a fashion designer that specializes in jewelry, accessories, & apparel. They will make you want to be the best dressed person you know. Just check out this Scalloped Oxford for gals for proof!
  5. All the pillows from Hall About the Home ($30-$68) –  I have a pillow problem. I couldn’t just choose one… so I chose 4. Problem. I started following Hall About the Home recently when they began carrying Copper & Torch (an Athens artist I Faved here). Hall is another amazing Australian vendor!! Maybe this is a sign that we need a vacation down under 🙂

May your weekend be merry & bright!

DIY: Passport Coin Bracelet

Will & I honeymooned in Alaska and spent a brief moment in Canada. Of course, being the coffee-lovers we are, we stopped at a coffee shop, paid with the US dollar, and got Canadian coins back. Awesome.

So what do you do with coins that you’ll never be able to use again?

The answer: make jewelry. (Before you get worried, no, it’s not illegal. I did some research.)

Coin Bracelet

What you’ll need:

  • Coins
  • Beading wire (I got mine from WalMart)
  • A drill press… Thank goodness for handy grandaddys!!
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Patience 🙂

What you’ll do:

  1. First, choose your drill bit size and mark the coins where you’d like to drill the holes. I chose a bit that made a tiny hole just big enough for the wire to go through on either side of the coin. I marked where I wanted the holes with a pencil to make my drilling more precise.
  2. Drill away! This is the part that takes patience and a bit of skill. Match up your drill to your marks and then VERY slowly and VERY gently press through the coin. The coin will spin with the drill if you don’t block it somehow. My grandaddy (the genius engineer) cut a block of wood for us to use to block the coins from spinning. This allowed us to drill the hole without roughing up the edges, breaking the bit, or getting the coin stuck.
  3. Once the holes are drilled, use the drill bit to take of the rough pieces. This one is hard to explain… Um… There will be a sharp edge on the underside. Take the bit and turn it like a screwdriver to pull out the rough piece. Sounds weird and there’s probably a more precise and technical way to explain… But those are my girly directions haha.
  4. Start wiring your coins together! My suggestion is to use the pliers to wrap the wire as tightly as possible. The wire will loosen over time, but if you wire it well the first time, you won’t have to worry about that too much. I weaved the wire along the back of each coin 2-3 times and then around the outside of the coin (where you see the wire “knots”) up to 10 times. Once I got to the last two coins, I snipped the wire and wrapped it tightly around the backside of the final coin.


The end result, a shiny new jewelry piece with so much meaning! Every time I wear it, it’s like a time capsule to our honeymoon. Plus, it’s a great conversation piece!

Over Christmas break I plan to make two more from my travels to Peru and Austria. Then, I’ll have some nice passport arm candy!! (Since my dog ate my real passport…)

FriYAY Faves: Winter Cape Edition

At the Ga/Fla football game last weekend, I spotted a girl who couldn’t have been more than 16 with the wardrobe that I aspire to own. She was wearing muted burnt orange skinny jeans, fringed ankle boots, a white silky peasant blouse, and the most beautiful green tweed cape. A cape! I didn’t know that I loved capes until the very moment I saw hers… and then I knew.

The problem: I was a total idiot and did not walk the 5-feet to ask the lovely 16-year-old where she got her perfect cape. Hence, I am cape-less.

So here are 5 almost perfect capes that are my inspiration for the upcoming Winter of 2014. I will say it now publicly so I can’t back out later… I will find a cape and I will out-dress that 16-year-old this winter.

Without further ado, the FriYAY Faves:

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 10.03.52 PM

Anyone know of a good place to get a cape? Preferably tweed? And green? And that of an Old-English hunting trip that would also look super cute in the heart of a bustling city? (The one of the far right is my favorite.)

Sadly, all of the above pictured lovelies are either 1. sold out, 2. from years past and thus unavailable, or 3. wayyyyyy out of my price range. Also, I apparently need a horse to go along with my cape… So the search continues.

But in you’re in the market for a fabulous vest, check out my 5 fave vests of this season!