DIY: Mailbox turned coffee bar!

Will & I got this great corkboard mailbox when we moved into our T-ville house. It was perfect for holding our mail (aka. becoming a junk drawer), pinning up coupons, and hanging our keys. But within 6 months we were bored with it and desperately wanting a coffee bar… Time for a DIY 🙂

This one was super easy because it was all about making something old into something new again. A renovation. A revival!

So all you need:

  • Paint & a paint marker… That’s it!

Coffee Bar

I chose a pretty purply-blue color (hence why it looks purple in one photo and blue in the other haha). Then it was just a matter of handlettering a cutesy “get-outta-my-face-until-I-get coffee” quote with a paint pen, mounting it near our Keurig (it holds all of our K-cups), and then hanging our favorite gold-handled mugs from it.

DIY Coffee Car

Ta-da! Repurposing is fun! What are your up-cycling stories?

Lessons from a Kitchen Table

Yesterday morning we didn’t have a kitchen table. By last night we did. The most amazing part… We didn’t pay a dime or get anything new.

New kitchen table

And here’s how… Our new kitchen table is Will’s old desk. Some simple home love rearranging led to a cozier, more complete feeling house (or at least kitchen… now the office is empty… oops!) Oh, how I love repurposing and using what you already have to create something even newer. Better.

The lesson: Change is good.

(And yes, I’ve learned it before, but I’m learning it again. Stay tuned. Deeper things than a new kitchen table are on the way.)