Let’s Talk About Brunch…

Nothing says “Saturday morning” like a mid-morning brunch with your favorite people. We’ve had some perfect Saturdays so far in 2015, and they all had one thing in common… BRUNCH!

Check out these local restaurants for some fantastic grub to start off your weekend right!

H&H's Supreme Chicken Biscuit with pimento cheese and bacon jam

The Supreme Chicken Biscuit with pimento cheese and bacon jam from H&H Restaurant

  • H&H Restaurant – Known as Georgia’s “most iconic restaurant”, H&H has a ton of character. It was a frequented spot by hometown heros, the Allman Brothers, and has a southern breakfast that you won’t believe. Now owned by the same restaurant group as The Rookery (another Macon favorite), H&H delivers an old-south feel with creative new dishes. My personal fave was the Supreme Fried Chicken Biscuit complete with pimento cheese and bacon jam… Yum! You have to forfeit your sleeping in for this one, though… They’re only open until 10:30 Monday through Saturday!
  • West Egg Cafe – If you’re ok with a little drive, West Egg is well worth it. All of our ATL friends raved about West Egg for months and months, and once we tried it for ourselves, it became our ATL brunch go-to. Be prepared to wait (because it’s just that good), but feel free to have a fancy coffee drink while you wait from their coffee bar. As far as what you should try… The banana bread french toast is insane, the pimento cheese & pecan smoked bacon is my ultimate fave (apparently I really like pimento cheese for breakfast), and you can’t go wrong with the Peachtree Plate.
  • The Casserole Shop – If you need something quick and inexpensive, you can’t do any better than The Casserole Shop. All of their specialty donuts are fabulous. Will & I were actually lucky enough the weekend we moved in to walk into the making of the most delicious breakfast sandwich in Macon… The sausage, egg, and cheese DONUT. Yep. I said it. And they serve it warm and fresh! The quickest way for Will to get me out of bed on a Saturday is to promise me one of these… and then we have to go on a run later that day… haha. While you’re at The Casserole Shop, you can also pick up a pan of Chicken Divan, Poppy Seed Chicken, or Lasagna to have for the week. It’s like brunch and weekly grocery shopping all in one!
  • Finally, nothing beats brunch at home 🙂 This morning, Will woke up early and made a spread complete with scrambled eggs, pancakes, and coffee. It made a lazy Saturday morning feel fancy and special. You can never beat home-cooking, especially when hubby is cooking!

What’s your favorite Saturday morning breakfast/ brunch spot? We’re always down to try something new!!!

#87 – Give a 100% tip to a waiter/waitress that really deserves it.

Tonight my teacher friends and I did a really cool thing. We did a progressive dinner around local restaurants… Talk about fun 🙂 We all wanted to see Macon’s finest downtown dining spots, so we came up with a game plan, set aside a night to embark on our adventure, and then ate to our hearts’ content.

We started at Barefoot Tavern and had appetizers. Jumbo soft pretzels, hummus, cheesy waffle fries, and hot wings… Nom nom nom.

Then we went to The Rookery for our main course. Burgers on burgers on burgers. And boy was it delicious as ever!

Finally, we ended the night at Taste and See Coffee Shop with cheesecake and lattes. So divine!

But with all the hopping around, I felt particularly inclined to bless the wait staff that helped us through our journey. We were a large group ordering not a ton of food because we split most of the dishes we ordered, so I told some of the gals at the table what I was planning to do, and several of them joined in by doing the same! When we explained to our wait staff that we were doing a progressive dinner of downtown restaurants, they were excited and even thanked us for including them in our itinerary. Since they were SO gracious, we decided to thank our kind waitresses with 100% tips!

I hope that they were excited to see that we appreciated them for all their work this evening! It was definitely the least we could do since they allowed us to have such a unique dining experience through downtown!

Plus, it was super fun to feel like a Secret Santa so close to Christmas 🙂

The Bear’s Den

Oh my fried chicken.

I had no school today. Therefore, I demanded (read: didn’t really have to twist Will’s arm at all) that we go on a lunch date to The Bear’s Den.


In Macon, The Bear’s Den has quite the reputation of being the best meat and 2 (or 3 or 4 or all the sides) restaurant in town. My dad has even talked about how once he went when in town for business and had the best soul food ever. I live for the best soul food ever. (If finding the best soul food ever could be a job, I’d take it.)

So we dined.


And let me just say that if the meats, sides, and sweet tea aren’t enough to live up to the outstanding reputation (which they should be), the dessert selection was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Brownies and cakes and pies and pies and pies and banana pudding and peach cobbler and more pies! (What is pictured in the lower left photo isn’t even HALF of the selection of dessert they have… And I’m not exaggerating. Not this time.)IMG_5208.JPG

I’m not ashamed to say that I ate all of my chicken tenders (2 HUGE chicken tenders), creamed corn, Mac & Cheese, a biscuit, banana pudding, annnnnd sweet tea…

But now it’s time for this bear to hibernate (aka. nap time 🙂 )

Ingleside Village Pizza

I went to another great local restaurant in town today!! Ingleside Village Pizza! Whenever Will and I get pizza in town, this is where we go. It’s fun, it’s local, and it’s delicious!!!!


My personal fave… The White Pizza! Ricotta cheese, spinach, mushrooms, garlic and MORE cheese. It’s a great way to trick yourself into thinking that you’re eating a healthy pizza (until you get to the more cheese part and forget to care if it’s healthy or not… because it’s pizza).

Whether you’re getting a pizza to-go or dining in, it’s a super fun place to grab your meal. And it’s not far off of I-75, for all you traveling folk!! Also… It’s pizza. You can’t go wrong there!!

The Rookery

It’s about time I start introducing you to some of my favorite places in our new town. Since we ate dinner there tonight it only makes since to begin with… (drumroll, please)… The Rookery!


If you like burgers, Holy Smokes! You’re in for a treat! Anything and everything on The Rook’s menu is amazing, but they have a slew of specialty burgers that are all named for famous Georgians and are top-notch! Some of my personal favorites are the Ray Charles burger with guacamole, bacon, and pepperjack and the Johnny Jenkins burger with pimento cheese and bread & butter pickles… Are you drooling yet?

And if the burgers aren’t enough to get you there, Will swears by their Blind Willie’s Buffalo Chicken sandwich, and I can’t say enough about their hand cut fries or homemade chips… All of the above is yummmmmmy! Of course, if dessert is your thing you have to check out their pies or milkshakes!!! Two of their milkshake specialities are the Jimmy Carter with peanut butter, banana, and BACON (literally Heaven-in-a-cup) and the Orange Dreamsicle!!!

Oh and don’t get me started on the Biscuit Brunch that they offer on Sundays… Absolutely divine!

The Rookery has become our go-to restaurant for showing off the town to visiting guests and serving as our casual date-night spot. You’re planning your trip to Macon, aren’t you?