A Year of Words – Day 50

I cannot believe I’ve been doing this for 50 days! I’m kinda proud of myself (because I’m awful at the consistency thing) but really thinking about how much further I have to go! Haha. To celebrate, I’m taking it back to the basics with a watercolor alphabet doodle. It’s good to regroup and reboot to avoid getting in a creative rut.

50 day reboot - alphabet

Today’s words came just in time. They’re lyrics from my daddy-daughter dance at my wedding and remind me to keep my head high and my attitude positive 🙂 Plus, Just The Way You Look Tonight will forever be a favorite of mine.

breathless charm

A Year of Words – Day 42

New pen, great verse, happy day.

I’ve been thinking a lot about love recently. Maybe because it’s the new sermon series at church. Maybe because it’s the week of Valentine’s Day. Or maybe because I get to spend my everyday with the love of my life.

(Sorry guys… should have warned you in advance of the sap.)

Song of Solomon