I felt the need to put the latter half of the title in ALL CAPS because I feel like that’s what Bob Goff would want me to do. Y’all… This book.

I’ve had it on my “to-read” list for while now. Somehow it didn’t make it onto my 2015 Book List (so consider it a bonus), but I’m really glad that The Bookshelf had one little copy with my name on it over Christmas. And I’m even more glad that it became my first book of the year.

I think it set a good tone.

Love Does isn’t a how-to book on love. It isn’t about romance (although, it kinda is… something we might call a Divine Romance), and it isn’t just for couples. It is a compilation of tales of the incredible life of Bob Goff (a guy I really super-duper want to meet now) and how God has totally shaped Bob’s life so that he can explain in completely human terms how BIG and REAL and UNWAVERING God’s love is. (Again, ALL CAPS because I feel like it kinda needs to be shouted.)

My favorite part of this book is that Bob’s crazy stories serve as beautiful metaphors for how God loves us.

The story of his children meeting with world leaders just to chat reminds us that God uses ordinary people to do big things. Wrecking his jeep? A reminder that big lessons can come from unlikely teachers. His kids ruining a piece of fine art? A reminder that when we’re authentic, we’re going to get hit with stuff… and that God will protect us, and love us, and teach us in the midst of it.

His 31 chapters each have a “tag line” that serves to summarize the aspect of God’s love that he has highlighted. I’m thinking I might have to doodle them all… But for now…

Just Say Yes

Simply say “yes”, and God will use you… Maybe my favorite of the messages in Bob’s book.