FriYAY Faves!

Christmas is coming!! You can finally feel it in the air. (And we’re definitely feeling it at school… 10 more days!) With that in mind, I give you possibly my favorite Fave yet!

FriYAY Faves 12.5.14

  1. Wood Block Geo Pear with Gold Leaf by Ettie Ink ($42.33) – I can’t even tell you how I stumbled across this pretty, but I sure am glad I did. Ettie Ink is graphic designer company… in Australia! Michelle specializes in custom stationary and wedding suites, but her handmade art blocks are some of my favorite pieces! This pear is super cute and would be precious in my future kitchen. I’m seeing pastels and GOLD everywhere. All gold everything.
  2. “Hey Babe, We Are Blessed” Print by Fleecher Designs ($10) – Beautiful handlettering, the sweetest words, and a gal with Thomasville roots. This print is everything. I saw Laura’s prints in the Sturdy Brothers‘ pop-up while in T-ville and was inspired by her simple, classic prints. I think it’d look great just about anywhere.
  3. Thick Knit Ear Warmer Headband in Marble Gray from AquaGiraffe ($20) – A winter must-have. For the days that the wind is blowing but you don’t want to compromise a good hair day… The ear warmer is the perfect accessory to accent your winter style! There’s some really great jewelry in the AquaGiraffe shop too.
  4. The Sabrina Fairchild necklace by Kiel James Patrick ($88) – First of all, if you aren’t following KJP & SarahKJP on Instagram, you’re not doing Instagram right. KJP is a fashion designer that specializes in jewelry, accessories, & apparel. They will make you want to be the best dressed person you know. Just check out this Scalloped Oxford for gals for proof!
  5. All the pillows from Hall About the Home ($30-$68) –  I have a pillow problem. I couldn’t just choose one… so I chose 4. Problem. I started following Hall About the Home recently when they began carrying Copper & Torch (an Athens artist I Faved here). Hall is another amazing Australian vendor!! Maybe this is a sign that we need a vacation down under 🙂

May your weekend be merry & bright!

DIY: Calendar Prints to Wall Art Plaques

With Thanksgiving officially behind us and Christmas approaching quickly, I’ve got presents on my brain. And not the ones that I hope to find under the tree for myself… the ones that I’ll share with others! I’m a sucker for homemade gifts, so this year I want to share with you some of my favorite DIYs that I’ve done this year. Who knows?? Maybe one will inspire you to make some homemade gifts this Christmas season!

First up: How to turn your favorite calendar prints into wall art plaques 🙂

I love prints (if you can’t tell from my FriYAY Faves collection…) and I loooooooove Rifle Paper Company (P.S. They are having a 30% off Black Friday sale through Monday). I’ve been a huge fan of Anna’s for years now, and my hubby did a great thing and bought me the 2014 Travel Calendar last year around this time. I’m already looking forward to getting another Rifle calendar for 2015… Maybe the Honey Bee? or Les Fleurs?

Anywho… I digress.

Calendar Prints to Wall Art Plaques

I was so in love with my Travel calendar that by June I couldn’t bear the thought of parting with it. Sooooo I decided to make the first 6 months permanent features on my wall. Here’s how:

  1. Buy a large wooden plaque to adhere each print to. I got mine from Walmart with a coupon for only $2 each!
  2. If you want the plaques to be a different color, go ahead and paint them and let them dry completely before the next step.
  3. Lay the prints face down on the plaque, and on the back of the prints with a pencil trace the outline of the plaque to get the calendar pages to the exact size you desire.
  4. Cut your prints out carefully. Mine needed a lot of trimming because it was a large calendar, but whatever you do, make sure those lines are straight!
  5. Use Modge Podge to lightly coat the wood in the area that the prints will go. Be sure it’s a very even, very thin coat to ensure that the paper won’t bubble.
  6. Lay the prints gently on the wooden plaques. Be sure to get any bubbles out my rubbing over them.
  7. Dry, hang with 3M strips, and voila!

Calendar Prints

Ours look great in our pantry area of the kitchen!! I love that we were able to repurpose these pretties and now we get to see them every day! Plus, if you are thinking about doing this project to make gifts, one calendar equals 12 pretty presents to give to friends and family! And each with their own unique print 🙂


Remember that time we moved in a day…

… yeah, my calves do too.

So the wonderfully decorated apartment I blogged about 3 days ago? We moved out the next day. Haha! Life is funny, and sometimes the Lord has a funny way of showing you when and where to go. Also, He is really good at showing His grace through imperfect times, and our new place is even better than we imagined. (Thanks, mom, for always believing that and reminding me all along that it would be.)

The decision wasn’t easy. Obviously in the heat of law school and GAA it wasn’t our first choice to relocate. But circumstances led us to a crossroads, and through many prayers and debates and even a few tears we knew what we had to do… Make a move. For safety. For peace of mind. For the chance to make this place our home.


Not too shabby for a day’s work. (Sidenote: I didn’t totally hate recreating/ redecorating a space with so much character. Keeping those home decorator dreams alive!)

The best news is that we are now in a great neighborhood! I can’t wait to run through the cherry blossoms in the spring! Plus, we have the best landlords (who I hope to befriend), we STILL have a brick wall (hallelujah!!), and to make things even better we now have AWESOME skylights that let in infinite amounts of natural light. Better. Than. Imagined.

All in all, me and my calves are thankful for a new place to call home. Now for the housewarming party… 🙂

#7 – Decorate a home to my liking

Home Tour Time!!!!

I’ll be real, “home” is a complicated word right now. Will & I feel at home with each other. We are adjusting to making a new city our home. And we physically have moved into a new space and made it feel like our home (or at least for the most part). But “home” is a place or state or whatever where things are always changing. Ebbing and flowing. And that’s good but also intimidating.

I could just tell you that we magically moved in and *POOF* we had a cute apartment, but that would be lying and undermining the months, I repeat… months! of planning that went into the details that now make our loft apartment feel like home. And even still I’m sure we could “improve” our home… but we will call those improvements “growing into” our home.

So here’s the tour (it won’t take long haha):

The restroom… We’re talking minimalist here. Frames & shelf that I DIYed (fo free) by adding a little paint and patience. A vanity set from Target that I’ve been eyeballing since our wedding… Yes, I envied a soap pump for an entire year before doing anything about it. And our cutesy-yet-(slighty)-gender-neutral shower curtain and ruffled bath mats from Kohls. The Lauren Conrad brand really is a fabulous thing.


The bedroom… I give all credit to Will for our fabulous rug from Urban Outfitters (which you can’t be in my photo but you can see at the link :)). Not only was it a great deal but it matches our accent pillow that we already had perfectly AND adds a pop of color to our neutral bedding without being over the top. And then, since our bedroom is so tiny, all we needed was a few photos/ knick-knacks in collage form on the walls and a partition between the hallway and the room made by an IKEA Kallax shelving unit. We love the way that the Kallax is functional (holds our t-shirts in bottom row), practical (gives our bedroom a little privacy), and stylish (displays our favorite odds-and-ends… like our globe and baby bulldog). Plus, we have a GREAT closet.


The kitchen… Let’s just say that Whirlpool appliances are the bomb. A tiny kitchen with granite and stainless steel is the kind of kitchen I love. We have pennant lights over our bar, plenty of room to prep and serve, and an unhindered view of the living room (because really they’re one in the same). Also, with a modern kitchen we made a simple, cheap, yet classic upgrade to all white dishes from IKEA. Best decision ever. We stinking love our plain-jane dishes.


The living room… Our living room has multiple functions: entertainment room and Will’s office. We utilized a hodge-podge of furniture, which actually worked somehow, and didn’t have to purchase anything except for another Kallax from IKEA to use as our entertainment center and Will’s desk, which we got off of Craigslist for $10. Obviously it’s small. But we prefer the term “cozy”.

Living Room

And that’s it. It was the easiest space to decorate because you didn’t have to add much to make it feel put together. Plus, we just de-cluttered in a big way when we moved, so it’s nice to have a place for everything out in the open and know that drawers and cabinets aren’t holding random junk. It was our attempt at minimalist living and I think we succeeded 🙂

What’s your favorite part of your home? I’d have to say of all the spaces in ours I love the living room most. Bright, comfy, and great for entertaining (even if it is smaller than my freshman-year dorm room). I am truly thankful to have experienced this space!