Valentine’s for HER

Now girls, don’t think I forgot about you. As much fun as it is to shop for Valentine’s treats for our men, it’s equally {read: more} fun to plant hints in their mind about all of the lovely things we’re interested in these days!

So here are some HOT new items that I just know you’ll casually bring up to your man this week… 🙂

Valentine's for HER

  1. Handlettering print from Jenn Gietzen ($35) – I’ve followed Jenn and her Write On! Design for a while now, and I’m always inspired! Not only is she extremely talented in handlettering and graphic design but she’s always very funny. Her quotes always make me smile, laugh, and reflect. Also, I can only hope to letter as well as she does at the end of my Year of Words project. Any gal would be happy to hang one of Jenn’s pretty prints in her home.
  2. Cookies from The DoughMestic HouseWife (varies) – Nom nom nom. Every girl {that I know} loves cookies. Duh. So what better treat than a custom box of gorgeously hand decorated cookies?! You must check out The DoughMestic HouseWife on Instagram… Then you’ll understand just how great of a gift this would be!
  3. Ellie Vail Cory Necklace from Lilli & Tori ($42) – With a EKG reading as the pendant, you can literally wear your guy’s heartbeat on your neck {awwww…}. This gold plated necklace is simple, elegant, and could be worn with practically anything. But if you don’t think the heartbeat thing is your thing, check out Lilli & Tori’s awesome inventory.
  4. “I’m So Fancy” mug from Moon & Lola ($28) – Ladies, this mug is a “wake up and feel fabulous” gift. Moon & Lola has several really cutesy mugs along with pillows that have matching themes.You should check out their Galentine’s Day collection for more lovely ideas!
  5. Paper Crown + Rifle Paper Co. NEW clothing line (varies) – This is actually REALLY exciting because the release of the line that is a collaboration of Lauren Conrad & Anna Bond {Ah!} is releasing THIS Thursday! AH! There’s going to be a pop-up shop in L.A. Friday through Sunday, and I’m quite sad that I live nowhere near L.A. Haha. The line is bound to be gorgeous all around and I found this maxi dress along with some others on L.C.’s blog.

What do ya’ll think? I think it’s safe to say that between pretty words, gold fancies, beautiful threads, and cookies it’d be a pretty sweet Valentine’s Day 🙂

Valentine’s for HIM

Okay ladies, you have one week to find your man the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. If you’re anything like us… You probably forgot all about Valentine’s Day until today. But don’t you worry.

Here are some inexpensive yet oh-so thoughtful gifts that your man will love!

Valentine's For HIM

  1. Harry’s Truman Foaming Gel Set from Onward Reserve ($20) – Every man loves a good shaving set to make him feel extra fancy while he’s grooming. This set is sleek and includes all your man would need to look clean-cut for a month. 3 blades are included! That’s awesome. Plus, Onward is having a 50% off sale through midnight tonight (2/8/15) with the code FALL50… So you just cannot beat the price for the quality!
  2. Dress Gordon Wool Tartan bow tie from Res Ipsa ($85) – You cannot go wrong with a classy tartan bow tie, especially during the winter months. Res Ipsa has the coolest story too! My law-minded man immediately identified with the brand name and then loved their story (the founders are two Georgia lawyers that wear bow ties… just like my guy!)
  3. Classic Vacuum Camp Mug from Stanley ($25) – Every man loves their coffee. And if your house is like mine, 99% of your mugs are very cutesy & girly. This travel mug says manly all over it, AND it will keep their coffee piping hot for hours and hours because of the vacuum seal.
  4. Eyebobs Total Wit Reading Glasses from Sid Mashburn ($80) – I love a smart man. I also love a man that looks smarter simply because he wears glasses. Yes, that’s shallow. But it’s honest. Will wears glasses sometimes and it gives him that “I’m reeeeeeeeally smart” edge. Obviously, we all already know he is though.. but the glasses are a bonus. These Eyebobs are gorgeous and bring back old school classic look that is oh-so stylish.
  5. Tickets to the Tour de Compadres show in your town! ($45/ ticket) – Whether you catch leg one or leg two, this tour is one you and your guy cannot miss! With Needtobreathe headlining and special guests like Switchfoot, Ben Rector, Drew Holcomb & Colony House, this is a concert that your man can get excited about and look forward to until this summer!! And we all know that the best gifts are the ones that you get to benefit from too! 🙂

Happy shopping for the man in your life!! Tomorrow I’ll post some hints for the fellas (aka. things for you to casually bring up in the next week and pray that he surprises you with next Saturday :))

I’m no artist…

… that’s been made abundantly clear in the past month and a half. However, I am thoroughly enjoying my journey through A Year of Words. (Learn more about my thoughts behind this project/ challenge/ resolution/ whatever it is here.)

I’ve learned that I’m an imperfect person but also that I am extremely loved.

I’ve learned that I don’t need other people’s approval to be satisfied with myself but also that I eagerly await it.

I’ve learned that putting a pen or brush to paper is therapeutic and makes me super happy but also that I’ll never get any better with the craft if I just stalk the Instagrams of gals that are way better at it than me.

I’ve learned that January was a nice change of pace but also that doodles alone aren’t what I want my blog to host.

I’ve learned a lot. But also have a long way to go.

Thanks to those of you who have been so encouraging, especially with words… (I like words? No way!)

I wanted to share with everyone my first doodle gift. I think it might become a thing so if you have a birthday coming up and want a specific quote in a specific color or style, go ahead and drop that hint. Otherwise you’ll just get what you get!

John Wesley

I made this for my grandaddy for his birthday. It’s a quote by John Wesley that is just beautiful and a great reminder of how to live daily with Christ. As I scribbled the quote with my watercolors, I was so overcome with excitement… because that’s what words can do when you share them. I was excited to see the finished product. I was excited to see my grandaddy’s reaction to his gift. And I was excited to share with him a daily reminder that is so powerful.

Words, words, words. They’re so important. How will you use your words today?

FriYAY Faves (& only 7 days until Christmas!)

I cannot handle the fact that Christmas is only 7 days away! And today is the last day of school for a little bit! WAHOO!! I’m having an excitement overload this morning! 🙂

If you’re looking for a few last minute gifts that any gal would love, check out my last FriYAY Faves before Christmas! Don’t worry, I love FriYAY Faves so much that I think I may just keep them all year round!

FriYAY Faves

1. “With All Your Heart” hand stamped necklace from Befriending Faithfulness ($20) – My friend Erin has opened a beautiful Etsy shop called Befriending Faithfulness. She makes AWESOME hand stamped jewelry (and can even personalize it to say anything you want!) and embroidered hoop art. All of her pieces are inspired by scripture and are SO encouraging. Plus, one of the things I love most about Erin’s shop is that she donates 10% each month to a worthy cause. Check out her blog and befriend Befriending Faithfulness! (See what I did there?)

2. Coral & Tusk hand linen from Firefly ($44) – I know it’s a lot for a hand towel… but look at those woodland creatures!!! Coral & Tusk also makes stockings with these same characters, so stock up and have them ready for next Christmas!

3. “The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking” book by Kate Payne ($20) – I adore Kate’s blog and visit it frequently. She does everything from canning and pickling to home decorating and gardening. All of her projects and lifestyle tips are fabulous and practical! Plus, her personality is just too cute, so I’m sure her Hip Girl’s Guide would be a fun read! Also… she just came out with “The Hip Girl’s Guide to the Kitchen”… I probably really need that one haha.

4. “Ready to Run” Vest from Red Dress Boutique ($46) – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I reeeeeally want a fur vest. But I’m having trouble finding the perfect one. Nothing that looks too fake, something that will go with everything, and something I won’t be tired of this time next year… It’s tough. But I really like this leather-trimmed faux fur vest. It’s just enough fur but not over the top. Plus, I think that it could stick around as a great winter piece for years to come.

5. “Let’s All Be Brave” mug made by Glory Haus from Annie F. Downs ($18.25) – Annie is one of my favorite people. We’ve only met three times, but she is truly an inspiration and never ceases to encourage me {especially through her social media platforms… including her new podcast!} Her new book “Let’s All Be Brave” urges you to be courageous, even when it’s not easy or convenient. And boy is that a message that I need over and over and over. I love this mug because I could sip my cup o’ joe each morning from it and be reminded to walk through the day bravely. Thanks, Annie, for such a strong message and a cute tool to serve as a reminder of it!!

Hurry hurry and get that Christmas shopping done!! And then sit back and enjoy the holidays, won’t you? Because remember, it’s not really about the presents at all. 🙂

Batch Charleston #3

Our final box of our gift subscription to Batch was definitely my favorite of the bunch! (Have I said this each time? I think so.) If you aren’t familiar with Batch, read my previous reviews here or here! What you need to know about Batch… They are a delivery service of amazing local goods straight to your door 🙂

Here’s what we got this time around:

Batch Charleston

And great news friends! If this sounds like something that a loved one of yours would just love as a Christmas gift, you still have time to order for them to receive a Batch for the holidays! They also have 3-, 6-, and 12-months options for giving holiday subscriptions! The deadline is December 18, so hurry on over and place your order for quality local goods from one of your favorite cities in the US!