Elizabeth & Clarke: Winter Collection 2014 – “The Bronte”

It’s been a great week in my closet thanks to Elizabeth & Clarke! First, there was “The Swan”. Then, “The Taylor”. And now, the third and final piece, “The Bronte”. It’s absolutely darling and great for that upcoming Christmas party that you want to walk into simply shining.

So here’s outfit number 3! “The Bronte” – A black sleeveless top with flowing layers and a high-collared neckline:

"Bronte" on the Bridge  "Bronte" on the Bridge  "Bronte" on the Bridge

"Bronte" on the Bridge

"Bronte" on the Bridge

I was fortunate enough to be able to wear my “Bronte” to an impromptu Drew Holcomb concert in the city last night (go ahead and preorder his new album “Medicine” NOW). Hubby picked me up from work, I changed in the car (which was super impressive, by the way), and I arrived to the concert feeling like a million bucks!!

I chose to wear my new white & black patterned dress from Fabrik (yes, that’s a dress under the top… pretty cool, huh?), black patterned tights, and my black suede high heeled booties. Also, it dropped to 30 degrees last night, so of course I layered my black quilted jacket with gold accents on top. What I loved most was that my “Bronte” collar still poked out from underneath my jacket. So even though I had to have a coat, I still felt fancy!

So what do you think of my Elizabeth & Clarke Winter Collection box?? Pretty rad, huh? Which piece is YOUR favorite? And don’t forget to look ahead to the Spring Collection. You can go ahead and reserve your box now! 🙂

Elizabeth & Clarke: Winter Collection 2014 – “The Taylor”

Elizabeth & Clarke is my new favorite way to shop. They are a fashion retailer that focuses on quality and sends beautiful tops straight to your door every season through a seasonal subscription box! Yesterday, I reviewed the first of three tops from their Winter Collection, “The Swan”.

Today I want to present to you outfit number 2! “The Taylor” – A classic white button-on blouse:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I’m so excited to now have this classic basic in my wardrobe! The quality is superb, and it is the greatest base layer for all of your winter layering wants and needs!

I chose to pair it with my favorite quilted vest, a sparkly blush skirt, my riding boots, some simple pearls and a bar necklace. It was the greatest Sunday morning church outfit that quickly transitioned to lunch, shopping, and coffee with friends.

Another winter must-have.

Tell me your thoughts on E&C! I’m already getting ready to make my selections for my Spring 2015 box. But I’m not even through showing off the Winter 2014 collection! I’ve also got “The Bronte” to show you! 🙂

App of the Day: Stitch Fix

Funny story… I’ve never actually used Stitch Fix.

BUT I’d love to one day. Here’s the premise… You can a personal stylist who picks your clothes and mails them to you for a fee based on a personal fashion profile. Then you try the clothes and keep them (by buying them) if you love them or return them if they’re not for you. Done.

If I ever muster up the courage to use Stitch Fix, I’ll let you know. Until then, I’ll obsess over their blog 🙂

Anyone out there have great success with Stitch Fix? I’d love to hear some reviews!

App of the Day: Vinted

Ya’ll are going to think I’m cuckoo because my next few blogs may be all about getting free things/ $$$. I promise that I’m not crazy… But who doesn’t love pinching some pennies, am I right??

So I already posted about Influenster (an awesome site that allows you to become a product tester). But today my app obsession is one that actually gets you cold hard cash. Legit!

Imagine Plato’s Closet in app form and you get Vinted. There are quite a few apps out there where you can sell your clothes and accessories (Tradesy is another… but it’s really more for high end items and wedding things). However, I have had the most success with Vinted…

And it’s so easy!

Here’s a play-by-play of how it works. And ladies, I know you’ll want to hear this because everyone is about to do a winter closet raid before putting those clothes away for spring, am I right?

1. Download the Vinted app and make an account. Boom! You’re a part of the club.

2. Take photos of any items you want to sell and put them in your “closet”. When you upload your photos, you can also describe the item, pick the size, and name your price.

3. Wait for a buyer. Now this is really the hardest part haha. While you can sell, you can also buy or “swap”. I don’t swap because I don’t need new clothes. BUT I’ve found one of the best ways to find a buyer for your things is to like other people’s things that you like! People with similar taste will then take a look at your closet, and Voila! You’ve get a sale before you know it! Another little tip… You can see when people like your items. I have a copy/paste message ready to go each time a person likes one of my items to let them know that my prices are flexible and I give discounts on multiple item “bundles”. This generates a personal touch to their shopping experience… and it works 🙂

4. Once you’ve made your sale, Vinted provides you with a free shipping label. Say what?! They pay for shipping?! Yes, they do 🙂 Now there is a small cut into the percentage you get from the sale (for a $10 item you get about $8.10… still more than you’d dream of at Plato’s), but it’s reasonable since all you really have to do is have a pack of manilla envelopes ready, print your label, and stick it in the mailbox. No trips to the post office. No paying a ton out of pocket for shipping. They really take care of you and even track the package and let you know when the other person receives it.

5. So the girl you just sent your old pair of jeans just got her package… Now what about my money?! Patience is a virtue, and in only 3 days time the money is ready in your “Payout” fund. You can manage you payouts and have them deposited directly into your checking account. Magic. And that’s it!

So far I’ve made $130 on Vinted. I’ve had my account for a month, and I’ve only sold 10 items. Pretty sweet, huh? And as far as the payout being reliable, it really is. The money was in my account within a day or two and there’s no strings attached. Just cash for clothes that are good for somebody, just not me!

As you do some spring cleaning, check out Vinted. With a little bit of time to photograph your old clothes and patience to wait for a buyer, you’ll be happy you did!


Ps. If you’d like to go shopping in my closet… Here it is!! Happy shopping 🙂