Batch Charleston #3

Our final box of our gift subscription to Batch was definitely my favorite of the bunch! (Have I said this each time? I think so.) If you aren’t familiar with Batch, read my previous reviews here or here! What you need to know about Batch… They are a delivery service of amazing local goods straight to your door 🙂

Here’s what we got this time around:

Batch Charleston

And great news friends! If this sounds like something that a loved one of yours would just love as a Christmas gift, you still have time to order for them to receive a Batch for the holidays! They also have 3-, 6-, and 12-months options for giving holiday subscriptions! The deadline is December 18, so hurry on over and place your order for quality local goods from one of your favorite cities in the US!

Batch Charleston #2

We received another beautiful package from Batch Charleston, and this time it had all of the essentials for the perfect tailgate!photo

For all our tailgating needs… We received a box of Mrs. Murrill’s Cheese Straws that are SO yummy, some hushpuppy mix from Palmetto Farms that I can’t wait to try with homemade shrimp & grits, and slatherin’ sauce from Slather Brand Foods that I’m truly looking forward to cooking with! And last but not least, I loved how they threw in a cute rice bead bracelet from Candy Shop Vintage! Because every girl needs good game day jewelry 🙂

I am loving this subscription of yummies and local products from Charleston. I love my Batches so much that I even sent one as a thank you gift to someone. It’ll definitely be worth your while to check out their store and grab some gifts for the holidays!!

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Batch Charleston #1

My mom got Will & I the coolest anniversary gift! It’s called Batch, and it’s a subscription service that sends yummy food items from your favorite city straight to your door!

We got Charleston 🙂 No surprise why!

In our first month, we received a Rise & Shine Batch! And breakfast for any meal is ideal, so this was a wonderful way to start!

photo 1

It included biscuit mix from Callie’s Charleston Biscuit (which I made and you can read about it here), apple cinnamon butter from Food for the Southern Soul, whole beans from Caviar & Bananas that were PERFECT in our french press, and some Fat & Juicy tomato juice!

 photo 2

The coolest thing about Batch is that it comes monthly! We got a 3-month subscription, so I’ll be sharing more with you soon. But you can start your Batch any time and join in on the fun!!! Plus, if Charleston isn’t your city (crazy person…) you can also choose Nashville, Memphis, or Austin. And with those cities… you can’t go wrong!!

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Things to remember in my 25th year (aka. Baking biscuits as a metaphor for life)

Making biscuits is quite possibly the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Don’t get me wrong, I can cook a mean Bisquick, but that doesn’t count. My sweet mother got Will and I a Batch subscription (really cool, I’ll tell you about it soon) for our anniversary. In our Batch was a biscuit mix from Callie’s Biscuits in Charleston, and naturally I wanted to bake them while in the mountains.

So in my last hour as a 24-year-old, here’s what I was reminded of that I hope to take into my 25th year. Because, y’all… Biscuit making is a great metaphor for life 🙂

1. Don’t try to show the world how perfect you are. My full intention was to take super cutesy photos of every step of the process and post about what a great housewife I am… Let’s move to #2.

photo 4 (1)

2. Life gets messy. Especially when we put a lot of pressure on ourselves, life can get super messy super fast. One second your meticulously putting all the ingredients together and the next second you’re screaming for help because your wedding ring is still on and you can’t even see your fingers anymore. (They weren’t lying about the dough being “sticky”.)

photo 3 (1)

3. You have to rely on others. Me: “Heeeeeelp! I lost my ring in the dough!” Will: “What?! Like it’s gone?!” Me: “Nooooo it’s still on my finger, but I need help. Also, dust EVERYTHING with flour.” Will: is the perfect assistant. You can’t do life alone. If you do, #2 only gets worse.

4. Maintain the hope. There was one moment when I thought about throwing everything, pan and all, in the trashcan. But then I remembered that this was something I really wanted (I may have suggested biscuits with every meal for the past 2 weeks), and that I was way too invested to give up. Also, what would I put my apple butter on if there were no biscuits?!

photo 2 (1)

5. Take ownership of your mess. I’m “that guy” that leaves the dishes in the sink to “soak” (and somehow my husband still loves me). But as I was walking through this epiphany of life lessons via biscuit baking, I decided that I was not going to be “that guy”, and I would actually clean up my mess before I got “busy” doing something else. And you know what? It was way easier than usually… Pre-soaking doesn’t make things better, people. It prolongs the inevitable and make you “that guy”.

6. Enjoy the process as much as you enjoy the outcome. Have we tasted the biscuits yet? YES, and they’re amazing!! But tonight am I going to be more proud of the biscuit itself or the fact that I didn’t give up and pushed myself through (not exaggerating here, people) one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Obviously, the answer is that I’m much more proud of the process than the product. If only we did everything in life with that attitude.

photo 1 (1)

So that’s it. At 10:26 on the evening before 10/26, I conquered a challenge and was reminded of how precious life is… and how much I need to pay attention to it a bit more. As I enter Year 25, I hope I carry these things with me. And thanks, Callie, for providing me with these sweet little reminders through your biscuits.

Also, maybe I’ll add a #7. Cook more so that biscuit making isn’t so hard! 🙂