#79 – Surprise someone in a big way.

Okay, okay. We love surprises. I’ve written over and over again about surprise visits, surprise gifts, and surprise acts of kindness. But to surprise someone in a big way there’s got to be an element of trickery…

My sweet mom-in-love turned 50 this Thursday. We live about 2 hours away, so it was pretty easy to set up the story that we just simply couldn’t make it down for dinner because 1. we’re so far away, and 2. Will’s right in the middle of 1L finals!

But guess what we did… 🙂

Birthday Surprise

We hopped in the car right after school, zoomed down jamming to some 1989, and made it just in time to slide in the restaurant before Will’s mom arrived. When she walked in we were already seated at the table, and some confusion and disbelief followed. Haha.

Surprises will always be my favorite, so I’m hoping for a lifetime filled with them. But I’m learning again and again that it’s more fun to surprise than be surprised… Gives you that warm & fuzzy feeling, you know?

Happy birthday, Momma Donna! Thankful to have you as my mom-in-love!