#87 – Give a 100% tip to a waiter/waitress that really deserves it.

Tonight my teacher friends and I did a really cool thing. We did a progressive dinner around local restaurants… Talk about fun 🙂 We all wanted to see Macon’s finest downtown dining spots, so we came up with a game plan, set aside a night to embark on our adventure, and then ate to our hearts’ content.

We started at Barefoot Tavern and had appetizers. Jumbo soft pretzels, hummus, cheesy waffle fries, and hot wings… Nom nom nom.

Then we went to The Rookery for our main course. Burgers on burgers on burgers. And boy was it delicious as ever!

Finally, we ended the night at Taste and See Coffee Shop with cheesecake and lattes. So divine!

But with all the hopping around, I felt particularly inclined to bless the wait staff that helped us through our journey. We were a large group ordering not a ton of food because we split most of the dishes we ordered, so I told some of the gals at the table what I was planning to do, and several of them joined in by doing the same! When we explained to our wait staff that we were doing a progressive dinner of downtown restaurants, they were excited and even thanked us for including them in our itinerary. Since they were SO gracious, we decided to thank our kind waitresses with 100% tips!

I hope that they were excited to see that we appreciated them for all their work this evening! It was definitely the least we could do since they allowed us to have such a unique dining experience through downtown!

Plus, it was super fun to feel like a Secret Santa so close to Christmas 🙂

#8 – Read all of the unread books on my bookshelf.

Moment of honesty: I don’t actually know if I’ve done this… or will ever do this… because I keep buying books 🙂

Nearly 3 years ago when I created this bloggie and made my sweet 101 in 1001 list, I was in my senior year of college and hadn’t picked up a book for pleasure since… middle school.

At a young age, I had the love of books and reading instilled in me by my Ooma. She read over 600 books to me and kept a journal all 600 books we read before I went to kindergarten. She also had me reading some of those books back to her before I went to kindergarten. Lots and lots of reading, and trips to the library (and Dunkin Donuts) were my absolute favorite!

Reading remained a love of mine all through elementary school. Book It? I ooooooowned Book It! And got the personal pan pizzas to prove it each month. I remember making every {weird} corner of my house a reading nook, including my bathroom linen closet… I was a weird little one. But a book and a flashlight were always nearby.

Thank goodness Harry Potter was still being written when I was in middle school. I had to start reading books that weren’t my choice, like Hatchet & The Outsiders, but still loved what I was reading for the most part. Middle school brought on more work in every subject though, so books of my choosing were few and far between…

… and then high school happened. Yes, I loved my literature classes {mostly}, but suddenly there was so much pressure to do other things, like trigonometry and chemistry… Bleh. Reading became a chore that I had to force myself through to make the grade, and you could no longer find me curled up in the linen closet with a flashlight. Things were changing.

Then college. I loved college. But if I’m being real here, if I wasn’t in class or studying, I wanted to be socializing with my friends. And rightly so! But did I read in college? Not until The Hunger Games on spring break {which almost ended Will & I right then and there haha}.

So post-school, the thing I have enjoyed most {other than marriage and no homework and stuff} is FINALLY having the chance to pick a book, sit down, and read. Ah. Feels nice. So while I’m not entirely sure that ALL of the books on my bookshelf have been read, I am sure that this goal has been achieved because bookworm Ginger is back and hopefully here to stay a while.

#79 – Surprise someone in a big way.

Okay, okay. We love surprises. I’ve written over and over again about surprise visits, surprise gifts, and surprise acts of kindness. But to surprise someone in a big way there’s got to be an element of trickery…

My sweet mom-in-love turned 50 this Thursday. We live about 2 hours away, so it was pretty easy to set up the story that we just simply couldn’t make it down for dinner because 1. we’re so far away, and 2. Will’s right in the middle of 1L finals!

But guess what we did… 🙂

Birthday Surprise

We hopped in the car right after school, zoomed down jamming to some 1989, and made it just in time to slide in the restaurant before Will’s mom arrived. When she walked in we were already seated at the table, and some confusion and disbelief followed. Haha.

Surprises will always be my favorite, so I’m hoping for a lifetime filled with them. But I’m learning again and again that it’s more fun to surprise than be surprised… Gives you that warm & fuzzy feeling, you know?

Happy birthday, Momma Donna! Thankful to have you as my mom-in-love!

#53 – Give other people presents on my birthday.

I am typically an awful present giver. I do alright with receiving (spoiled much?) but I always lack creativity, funds, or time to make gift-giving special.

It’s not something I’m proud of.

But this birthday I had an opportunity. A chance to take an area of weakness and give it my best effort. The funds are still low (we’re paying for law school after all) and the amount of free time isn’t significant (but when will it ever be?)… But I do think I got points in the thoughtful/ creative category.

I knew that on the evening of my birthday I would be surrounded by some of my favorite people at the dinner table. So I made a point throughout the week leading up to my birthday to think of small yet thoughtful gifts for each person that would be around me. Some candy for Daddy & Grandaddy. Cutesy fall decorations for Mom and Ooma. Expo markers for Will. (We have a dry erase board in our living room, people! Law school!) And a homemade cd for Fenn.

Small. Almost nothing. But I made special name tags for each, wrapped them all in a bag, and (here’s the kicker) kept a secret for over a week! Haha. All little things, but done with much thought.

And while the gifts weren’t huge and I didn’t/don’t expect any praise or thanks for pulling them together, my heart was full. Little tangible “I love you’s” to six people who show me their love tangibly all year round.

All of the gifts and cake and celebration in my honor was nice, but my favorite part of the day was celebrating THEM. That’s what birthdays should really be about. Not “thank me for being born”, but “thank YOU for making my life so full year after year”.

#55 – Play 18 holes of golf.

Whew! I am exhausted!! To celebrate Will’s first midterm being complete and enjoy the beautiful weather, we went to the golf course today.

And guess who played from the Women’s tee (not the Junior’s) and actually scored something reasonable?? Me!!

Our score card! Not too shabby :) Will asked that I remove his so that the PGA Tour won't call him with an offer to take him away from school. Haha! But really, his score was so good!

Our score card! Not too shabby 🙂 Will asked that I remove his so that the PGA Tour won’t call him with an offer to take him away from school. Haha! But really, his score was so good!

Will encouraged me by saying that the average golfer on a course will play 18 holes with a 120. So for a first-timer I’m okay with being below average. But only slightly 🙂 Hopefully this was the first of many afternoons spent being competitive on the golf course with hubby!