#7 – Decorate a home to my liking

Home Tour Time!!!!

I’ll be real, “home” is a complicated word right now. Will & I feel at home with each other. We are adjusting to making a new city our home. And we physically have moved into a new space and made it feel like our home (or at least for the most part). But “home” is a place or state or whatever where things are always changing. Ebbing and flowing. And that’s good but also intimidating.

I could just tell you that we magically moved in and *POOF* we had a cute apartment, but that would be lying and undermining the months, I repeat… months! of planning that went into the details that now make our loft apartment feel like home. And even still I’m sure we could “improve” our home… but we will call those improvements “growing into” our home.

So here’s the tour (it won’t take long haha):

The restroom… We’re talking minimalist here. Frames & shelf that I DIYed (fo free) by adding a little paint and patience. A vanity set from Target that I’ve been eyeballing since our wedding… Yes, I envied a soap pump for an entire year before doing anything about it. And our cutesy-yet-(slighty)-gender-neutral shower curtain and ruffled bath mats from Kohls. The Lauren Conrad brand really is a fabulous thing.


The bedroom… I give all credit to Will for our fabulous rug from Urban Outfitters (which you can’t be in my photo but you can see at the link :)). Not only was it a great deal but it matches our accent pillow that we already had perfectly AND adds a pop of color to our neutral bedding without being over the top. And then, since our bedroom is so tiny, all we needed was a few photos/ knick-knacks in collage form on the walls and a partition between the hallway and the room made by an IKEA Kallax shelving unit. We love the way that the Kallax is functional (holds our t-shirts in bottom row), practical (gives our bedroom a little privacy), and stylish (displays our favorite odds-and-ends… like our globe and baby bulldog). Plus, we have a GREAT closet.


The kitchen… Let’s just say that Whirlpool appliances are the bomb. A tiny kitchen with granite and stainless steel is the kind of kitchen I love. We have pennant lights over our bar, plenty of room to prep and serve, and an unhindered view of the living room (because really they’re one in the same). Also, with a modern kitchen we made a simple, cheap, yet classic upgrade to all white dishes from IKEA. Best decision ever. We stinking love our plain-jane dishes.


The living room… Our living room has multiple functions: entertainment room and Will’s office. We utilized a hodge-podge of furniture, which actually worked somehow, and didn’t have to purchase anything except for another Kallax from IKEA to use as our entertainment center and Will’s desk, which we got off of Craigslist for $10. Obviously it’s small. But we prefer the term “cozy”.

Living Room

And that’s it. It was the easiest space to decorate because you didn’t have to add much to make it feel put together. Plus, we just de-cluttered in a big way when we moved, so it’s nice to have a place for everything out in the open and know that drawers and cabinets aren’t holding random junk. It was our attempt at minimalist living and I think we succeeded 🙂

What’s your favorite part of your home? I’d have to say of all the spaces in ours I love the living room most. Bright, comfy, and great for entertaining (even if it is smaller than my freshman-year dorm room). I am truly thankful to have experienced this space!

A Month of “Awesome” – Day 20


It’s been a struggle finding the perfect place to live in Macon, but we finally found a place that didn’t just feel right… it felt awesome! Here’s just a few highlights of our new, beloved loft. Brick walls. Pretty windows. Oooooo I can’t wait to get in there and decorating in just about 2 weeks. (I cannot believe we’re moving in just a few weeks… what?!)

Image Image

A place to call home. Ohhhhh how awesome.

When life gives you tangerines…

… make some awesome tangerine juice!! Seriously, though!


Meme & Papa sent some tangerines (by some, I mean 50 :)) home with Will when he got to visit with them recently. WHAT. A. TREAT! Immediately we started snacking on them and soon realized we weren’t going to be able to eat them all quickly enough. So naturally…

Juicin’ Time!

Let me just tell you that having freshly squeezed juice for breakfast the following week was better than coffee. Wait, what?! Yep. I said it. Better. than. coffee.

Man, I love juicing. (And yes, my husband thinks I’m insane because of it.)

Transformation: Laundry Room Edition

I am so disappointed in myself for not taking a before picture of our laundry room. We are really proud of how this transformation turned out, and we’re even more proud of the low budget it took to do it!! But to truly understand the transformation, first let me describe for you the old laundry room… It won’t take many words. Think pastel plaid wallpaper and an orange countertop. Okay, that was it.

Our vision was to make the laundry a place where we’d be happy to do one of our least favorite tasks… laundry! The counter space is amazing for folding clothes and the room itself is spacious enough to double as a mudroom. So there was our vision, and here’s how it turned out 🙂


IMG_2308       IMG_2310

Rather than taking down the wallpaper, we primed and painted over it. And you can’t even tell!!! It was risky, but it turned out great and the mint green really brightened up the room. Then we added a hanging rack by the window for clothes that need to be hung to dry and used a shelf that we found in storage to be a coat rack. The sports decor on top is both for show and functional… We like throwing the baseball or football in the backyard on pretty afternoons. And last but not least, the counter. You know what we did? We used our trusty friend, the canvas paint drop cloth (which you can also see in our Headboard DIY), and some velcro to cover the orange countertop without painting it or replacing it. The canvas covered the area perfectly, has stayed in place with the velcro, and helps to soften the room instead of making it look like a carrot 🙂

Very few expenses. A good bit of work. But now we have a functional space that is also aesthetically pleasing to our eyes! It’s amazing what a few little changes can do for a room!

We’ve been married a quarter of a year!!!!

Will & I have never been the anniversary-types. He refused to call our dating anniversary an anniversary. It was Rock Day. And then the One Year Memorial of Rock Day and so on… By the time our anniversary of our engagement came around, we were married. So we acknowledged the events of the previous year hour by hour, but it wasn’t considered an anniversary.

And while all this might sound like we’ve downplayed significant times of our relationship (which we didn’t… I got flowers and love notes for each special occasion) or maybe not cared to notice how far we’ve come (which is far from the truth… thats one of those things that’s hard not to notice), today I am thankful that we never called anything an “anniversary”. Because now the word is given new meaning when I hear it. It’s special. Something that’s been saved and set apart. It’s something all new and exciting and it kinda gives me butterflies.

My parent’s anniversary was this past week. They went on a cruise and celebrated their 26 years of marriage from paradise. And while they were away, it made me think a lot about anniversaries and get so excited about what it will be like to celebrate the time marker of mine and Will’s marriage every year from here to forever! Our anniversary… our annual occasion to be a little extra romantic, a little more sentimental than the average day (which might be hard to top), and a whole lotta focused on each other. That sounds better than a birthday! Obviously, I love any chance to celebrate, and every day should be a celebration. What better to celebrate than love? Am I right?

So while I won’t call today our 3 month “anniversary” (it’s really all just semantics), I’d love to share that I have had the most wonderful quarter of a year being Mrs. Collins and I can only imagine where my enthusiasm will be on our first anniversary together as a married couple!!