Edye&Ethel Designs – Etsy Shop Opening!!

Guys… Something crazy has happened, and I’m ready to tell the world! I’ve opened an Etsy Shop! The name of the shop is Edye and Ethel Designs, which is named for my grandmothers. I’ll be doing embroidered jewelry and customized embroidery hoops as well as (I’m reeeeeally excited about this one…) formal calligraphy addressing for weddings and events!!!

Now you’re probably asking yourself “Why would a gal in her mid-twenties name her shop such a thing?”

My answer is simple.

I come from a family with strong ties. God always comes first. Others next. And then yourself. These principles have been passed down through generations… and so has craftiness. My dad’s mother, Edythe, was an avid stitcher. I even have some of her embroidery framed in my home. My mom’s mother, Ethel, has always been a letter writer, a stationary fiend, and a lover of beautiful words. Together they have given me traces of the woman I am today, and their passions have become my own.

Go check out the shop and let me know what you think! Everything is going to be super customizable, so if there’s something that you want that isn’t in the shop, just ask and I’ll do my best to create something just for you 🙂

E&E Embroidered Jewelry

E&E Whimsical Font for AddressingE&E Classic Font for AddressingE&E Modern Font for Addressing