Probably the biggest update to our lives since the good ol’ blog took a hiatus has been our #50before30 challenge.

Shortly after hubby finished law school, we started daydreaming about all the travels we wanted to do to make up for the three years of really hard work we (read: he) had endured. Work hard, play hard, right?

So we came up with a crazy plan.

Hubs and I were both very fortunate to grow up in families that prioritized travel, so between the two of us we had seen quite a few states. Our honeymoon was actually to Alaska, so we felt that some of the toughest states to get to were already behind us. Our thought… why not try to see them all before 30??

For his 28th birthday, I bought hubby a scratch-off map of the United States. We had so much fun scratching off the ones we had already visited, talking about all of the memories, and dreaming up what trips may come from our challenge. But we also used it as a chance to develop some rules.

Where we started (January 2018)

The rules to scratch off a state…

1. We both had to visit the state for it to count.

2. We had to do an activity for the state to count.

3. If one of us had gone to a state, but the other had not, we could not scratch off the state until BOTH of us went. However, solo trips to acquire these states were allowed.

So now, we’re nearing the end of our challenge, and I want to tell you about each trip! (Eventually) use the links below to read blogs about each trip! (Coming soon…)

  • April 2018 – Chicago, ILLINOIS
  • July 2018 – Glacier National Park, MONTANA, Yellowstone, WYOMING, Hot Lava Springs, IDAHO, & Salt Lake City, UTAH
  • September 2018 – San Antonio, Austin & Waco, TEXAS
  • December 2018 – Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA, Wilmington, DELAWARE, & Harper’s Ferry, WEST VIRGINIA
  • May 2019 – Omaha, NEBRASKA, Sioux City, IOWA, Sioux Falls, SOUTH DAKOTA, Fargo, NORTH DAKOTA, & Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (aka. The craziest 36 hours of our lives!!)
  • July 2019 – Saint Joseph, MICHIGAN, South Bend, INDIANA, & Milwaukee, WISCONSIN
  • July 2019 – Portland, Newport, & Bend, OREGON

Where we are now (August 2019)


Deadline: January 2020 🙂

Hope our adventures inspire you to get out there and see some of the lovely cities the US has to offer! Also, we believe in traveling on a budget, so I’ll try to sprinkle in some tips along the way!

Happy travels! xo

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