Who Are Edye and Ethel??

You guys… WordPress just notified me that today is my 3rd blog-aversary!!!

How fitting is it that I was already planning to blog about something pivotal on this happy day??

In Year 1 of blogging, I was really focused on my 101 in 1001 list… Sadly it hasn’t been at the forefront of my mind since. In Year 2 of blogging, it was all about the wedding… And rightly so! But I’m not planning a wedding any more. In Year 3 of blogging, I really tried to figure out what the heck my blog was about… If you noticed, it was still really random.

But now we’re entering Year 4. Wow. My blog is a Senior.

And I think for this year (and maybe forever) my blog is going to take another shift. A shift that started in January with my A Year of Words project, continued into February when I took @ayearofwords onto Instagram, and went full-blown crazy when I started the Edye & Ethel Designs Etsy Shop in March.

My plan is to have my blog to introduce you to things happening in my Etsy shop AND my life, but there may not be daily or even weekly posts. It’ll be a landing pad to document where my Etsy shop/ small biz is now and let you know where it’s headed.

So we’re going on a journey with two gals: Edye & Ethel.

Who the heck are they?!?!

Well, Edye was my dad’s mom and Ethel is my mom’s mom. Simply… They’re my grandmothers. And they are two strong women with a love for beautiful things that taught me all about loving others through giving. Giving of my talents. Giving of my time. And giving of my heart.

That’s precisely what I aim to do through my small business. Give people a little piece of pretty that’s handmade. A little piece of time spent creating just for them. And a little piece of my heart in each design, conversation, and relationship that is formed in the process.

Join me in Year 4. I promise it’ll be a good time!!

Love, Ginger

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