Quality Over Quantity

Quality Over Quantity: This is my motto for the summer

Quality over Quantity

I keep telling myself, “Don’t do a lot of everything. Do a little of what really means something.” And it applies to lots of areas of my life this summer. It’s all about simplifying so that I can invest more wholeheartedly in the things I see around me that are valuable.

So far, here’s what I’m learning:

  • Etsy Business: A Year of Words has been really great, but now I’m to the point where I’m picking up more clients, working on custom orders, and fine-tuning the image of my business. So “a doodle a day” isn’t necessarily happening. I mean it is… but there’s also other things going on, like designing my business cards (which I got from MOO and I would 1000% recommend you doing the same) and perfecting my calligraphy so that I can make some brides super happy! It’s not about quantity (aka. new material everyday). It’s really about quality… Making sure I’m putting out my very best for people that are also investing in me. Whew. No pressure. 😉
  • Friendships: I’m not the best at keeping in touch. That probably surprises some people about me, but probably not the people closest to me. I love quality time with my friends, but phone dates… only a little. I’d rather be right next to my friends when having heart to hearts. But you know what?? I have friends all over the country, so I need to get over it! In this first week of summer, I’ve tried to be really purposeful about 1. seeing people that are in Atlanta that I normally don’t get to see, and 2. calling/ texting people that are elsewhere just to check in. Again, it’s not about how many friends I can reach out to, but the quality of interactions. And duh! I have so much time now! So I’m all in for investing in my people before I can use “being busy” as a (really lame) excuse. 🙂
  • Clothes: This one’s silly, so I’ll keep it short. But for real. When you move from your home into a slightly smaller home for 2 months, you can only bring so many clothes. So I decided to do a capsule wardrobe of sorts. Only the staple pieces that I’m bound to appreciate and wear again and again were packed. I may post some shots of my capsule wardrobe because while I’m not convinced that I could make it work during the school year, I am sooooo about downsizing my closet to contain really great pieces and eliminate the clutter. But we shall see what I say in August… 🙂

I know that in one week of summer I have not learned all I have to learn on this subject. But I’m excited for this to be a summer of growth, and boy am I already enjoying it!

What do you think?

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