It’s time to be brave… Thanks, Annie

I just finished reading Let’s All Be Brave by one my my favorite Christian author/speakers, Annie F. Downs. (It was on my 2015 Book List & you should definitely add it to yours!)

Be brave

Wow. Talk about a book that was encouraging and convicting all at once!

I was so encouraged by Annie’s personal memoirs and stories that assured me that I’m not alone in my cowardice. (I think it might be a human trait or something… I dunno.) But I was also deeply convicted to do something about my wimpy tendencies and begin living a life that is purposefully and confidently brave for my God.

Over and over as I was reading I had the thought “Well duh! Because you’re not here for YOU anyway, Ginger. You’re here to follow Him and serve others where he leads… Come on!” And that repeated conversation (with myself) lit a fire within me by the end of the book.

So how can I be brave? Well… I’m not sure yet. There’s probably many many many areas in which I could use a little bravery. But for today, I’m going to do something scary. (I’m not sure why it’s scary. Maybe it makes my 2015 project more real? Maybe because I’m afraid I’m not good enough/ talented enough? Or because I told myself I would tell no one and now I’m telling you? Or that I can’t handle the commitment? Or that my idea is silly???) But here it goes…


As you know, I’ve been doodling a lot (every day so far this year to be exact). But I’m not doing it for views or likes or whatever social media uses as “success” markers. I want to use words to encourage people, speak life into other peoples’ lives, and maybe even inspire someone (just one little person) to think in a way they haven’t before. So I’m taking the “A Years of Words” project to Instagram (@ayearofwords) in hopes that I can do those things. Again, don’t know why this is scary for me… I think because there is potential to reach no one… And that’ll be okay too.

So here’s to being brave (fingers crossed), and thanks Annie, for writing a book that makes me want to push my comfort zone out the window.

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