Nontraditional Valentine’s Day Date Idea #1: For the coffee lovers

Bored with dinner and a movie? I promise you, this idea for a Valentine’s date will bring something exciting and new to the holiday. (And if you’re celebrating Galentine’s Day instead… This would still be super fun to do with your gal pals!)

Several weeks ago, hubby & I were hanging out with some of our good friends who are coffee lovers (duh!) just like us. Hubs had gotten an Aeropress for Christmas & our friends had gotten a pour-over set, so we had to try out the new coffee gadgets! Somehow (probably because we are all competitive people), we decided to make a game of it. What game, you ask? We decided to blindfold each other, taste test the coffees made by the different gadgets, and see if we could identify which cup of coffee was made by which gadget. Whew. Somehow (definitely because we’re all coffee geniuses), all four of us guessed correctly!!

So naturally the following week we had to up the ante. {Hint: Here’s where the Valentine’s date comes in 🙂 }

  • First, we went to The Fresh Market and bought 6 small bags of whole beans. We got a huge variety: from a Kona with brown sugar notes to a French Roast with a smokey flavor to a Colombian roast with hints of maple. On each bag we wrote that bean’s FULL description. {This is the key.}
  • Then, with our beans in tote we headed back to the house and the boys started to grind the beans while the girls made labels of each adjective describing the coffees. We cut these descriptions along with the coffee’s name onto strips of paper so that we could match them up later. We numbered all of the coffees, and then asked the boys to jumble them all up. We were very serious about this being a blind test. Haha.
  • Then… the coffee making began. One cup of each roast was brewed, and the house smelled absolutely delicious. Once all of the cups were filled with the various blends of coffee, we began the test. Each of us would test the coffee, try to describe it using the labels, and then come to an agreement as a group on which coffee it was.

Coffee Tasting

We thought we nailed it. We got 2 coffees right out of 6 and only a handful of the descriptions matched the right cup… So we’re not coffee geniuses. But it was SO. MUCH. FUN. And then end result was everyone choosing their favorite cup and sitting down to a great night of laughs and good conversation over delicious cups o’ joe. I think our at-home coffee tastings may become regular events… at least until we master the art of identifying and describing coffee well enough to go to a real coffee tasting.

So clearly this would be a great group event (like we did it) or an excellent at-home Valentine’s Day date with your honey! As long as there is good company and great coffee, I’d call it a swell date!

What do you think?

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