Confetti Cake + Crafternoon

Today was glorious.

We began the day with brunch at H&H with some great friends, and the fun didn’t stop there! The men went to play golf in the frigid air, and the ladies? Well, we dabbled in about 50 different crafts and baked the cutest cake of all time.

The confetti cake is really a work of art. Who knew 3 different types of sprinkles could come together to make such a beautiful thing?? The cake itself was simply a Pillsbury Funfetti Cake with Funfetti Icing, but the ENTIRE cake got coated with sprinkles 🙂 And it was no easy process…

Confetti Cake

We started with one layer at a time and iced the edges of each layer. Then, Chelsea masterfully and magically rolled the cake across a plate FILLED with sprinkles. Once the bottom layer had sprinkly edges, I iced the top of it and made sure that there was plenty of icing to catch more sprinkles once the layers were stacked. The second layer was added once it had sprinkly edges too (and that was a scary/ exciting moment), and then it was the really fun part… Ice the top and go CRAZY with the sprinkles! We patted them down with a spatula to make sure they were really stuck. Finally, between the layers there was a bit of a gap where there were no sprinkles… but not for long! We took a teaspoon and slowly rotated the cake while skillfully shaking sprinkles into the gap. The result…

Confetti Cake


And if that wasn’t enough to make it a perfect Saturday, I picked up a needle and started learning some new tricks…

Needlepoint LOVE

I love me some needlepoint 🙂

Hope you’ve had a Happy Saturday and feel as rested as I do! So thankful for a weekend to recharge and enjoy our hobbies with friends!

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