Guilt-Free Lazy Day

After 2 weeks on the road with non-stop fun, we finally crashed.

Today we:

  • binge-watched The Blacklist (finished season 1… now on season 2)
  • ate popcorn for breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • never got out of our pjs
  • doodled and doodled and doodled (okay, that was just me)
  • read out of our new devotional book called Disciplines (how did my Ooma know that it was my one little word?!)
  • drank coffee from our new AeroPress
  • unpacked & reorganized our closets (so that was productive)
  • & felt zero guilt about any of the above activities

The new year is all about starting fresh & refocusing to be a better you, but sometimes that doesn’t look perfect.

Sometimes it looks like coffee grounds on the counter, ink blots in your sketchbook (and maybe on the couch), a clean house with color-coded closets, and a big smile because you’ve been snuggling with your person all day.

2015, you’re treating us well already.

4 thoughts on “Guilt-Free Lazy Day

  1. sillycrazylove says:

    Lovely post<3 I completely agree with the fact that the New Year doesn't have to start off perfect but perfect enough for you. I started felling bad of just wanting to stay home and do nothing because the New Year should be full of your resolutions. But, sometime you just need some time to sit back and relax with your person<3

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