A Year of Words


Tomorrow I’m going to begin Day 1 of something that I {hope to/ plan to} keep up with for an entire year. I guess you could call it a New Year’s Resolution. But I’m terrible at those.

I’m just awful at consistently doing things. But that’s an area of discipline that I’d really like to see myself grow in during 2015. (It was also my word for 2014. I’ve grown, but there’s so much farther to go.) So I’m saying it now so that I can’t back out tomorrow…

I plan to write something by hand everyday this year.

Somedays it might be a quote or Bible verse. Other days, a single word. Other days, a letter to a friend. And some days might even be a single letter or doodle that I take the time to pen.

I won’t claim now or ever to be an artist, so this isn’t always going to be pretty.

But that’s the whole point. My resolution, in reality, is just about me taking time out of my day to sit quietly, think, and write. Three things that unless done purposefully may never be done at all in my “busy” life. Plus, there’s something magical about writing something with a pen rather than typing it… Just sayin’.

To be held accountable I’ll be posting my Words of the Day here on the blog. I hope that you enjoy this project as much as I do, and I pray that you will be encouraged by this process as much as I foresee that I will be encouraged.

Happy last day of 2014! Make it the best day yet!

7 thoughts on “A Year of Words

  1. Tanya de Kruijff says:

    That is a great New Year’s Resolution! And it really doesn’t matter if it all will be beautiful or not, it’s the process that matters. I’m sure if you look back on all the pages after this year, you will be very proud of them! Happy New Year!

  2. Barbara says:

    No computer or technology can give the satisfaction gained through putting a pen or pencil in your hand and expressing your inter self. It’s a unique experience – you go girl!!

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