The Bear’s Den

Oh my fried chicken.

I had no school today. Therefore, I demanded (read: didn’t really have to twist Will’s arm at all) that we go on a lunch date to The Bear’s Den.


In Macon, The Bear’s Den has quite the reputation of being the best meat and 2 (or 3 or 4 or all the sides) restaurant in town. My dad has even talked about how once he went when in town for business and had the best soul food ever. I live for the best soul food ever. (If finding the best soul food ever could be a job, I’d take it.)

So we dined.


And let me just say that if the meats, sides, and sweet tea aren’t enough to live up to the outstanding reputation (which they should be), the dessert selection was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Brownies and cakes and pies and pies and pies and banana pudding and peach cobbler and more pies! (What is pictured in the lower left photo isn’t even HALF of the selection of dessert they have… And I’m not exaggerating. Not this time.)IMG_5208.JPG

I’m not ashamed to say that I ate all of my chicken tenders (2 HUGE chicken tenders), creamed corn, Mac & Cheese, a biscuit, banana pudding, annnnnd sweet tea…

But now it’s time for this bear to hibernate (aka. nap time 🙂 )

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