Home Love

Even though we have a small one-bedroom apartment, sometimes I have trouble keeping the house tidy. (Note: I didn’t say we, I said I.)

We blame it on life, which is valid, but I’m starting to learn that you pour your time and energy into the things you love. Thank goodness I spend a lot of energy on Will and our marriage. Thank goodness he does the same. Thank goodness we both spend a TON of energy on our “jobs”. (Mine might be the only one with a paycheck, but law school is a JOB, folks.) And thank goodness even with all of that we still have time to invest in friends and family.

However, the home sometimes gets the shaft.

So today I tried something. I got home just 10 minutes before Will. I knew this because he text me something along the lines of “I’ll be home in 10”, so I knew my window of opportunity was short.

In 10 minutes I:
– Vacuumed the whole house
– Spot mopped all the tile
– Hung the random unhung clothes strewn around the house
– Wiped all counters (kitchen and bathroom)
– Cleaned the toilet
– Put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher
– Organized random out of place knickknacks
– Lit a candle (A crucial step in Home Love 101.)

And the outcome? A renewed sense of peace in my home. A reawakened love for my abode. A newfound pride in my place of dwelling.


It only took 10 minutes.

Did Will notice? I don’t think so. Haha. He didn’t say anything if he did. But that also gave me some peace. It wasn’t THAT bad. Not neglected completely. Just in need of some love.

I think I can give 10 minutes weekly to my tiny home to show it my love. And in the end, I’ll feel better and more confident about myself too. I’m no June Cleaver, but that doesn’t mean I can’t keep a darn cute house.

Simple. Easy. Practical. Home love.

What are your busy-person home love tips?? Because believe me… I have LOTS more to learn.

What do you think?

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