I Am the Lion: Book Review

I just enjoy talented people oh-so-much.

Recently after starting to follow Andrew’s blog, I saw his request for some bloggers to be book reviewers for his 2nd novel. Obviously with my renewed passion for reading well in tow, I happily volunteered. Boy oh boy am I glad sweet Andrew saw something in my blog that he’d consider worthy of publishing a review for his novel… because it was wonderful.


I Am the Lion truly left me with lessons in my heart that I didn’t expect to learn. So personal. So honest. It 100% captivated me, and I couldn’t put it down! (And it was a big football weekend too!)

Immediately the reader is drawn in by the story’s main character, Lydia, and for the entirety of the story her history unfolds and explains why Lydia is the way Lydia is. The reader is also introduced to her father, Henry, and very quickly it is evident that both are deeply grieving a loss… but in completely different ways. One spirals out of control while the other grasps at every little thing that can be kept within their control.

And how true is that to what we’ve experienced through our own losses in life? So powerful. It made me ask myself, “Am I a Lydia or a Henry?” (Just the first of the lessons to be learned 🙂 )

While I Am the Lion is a story of loss, in the end it is a tale of great gains in unlikely places. Lydia has a stuffed lion toy, which you can see in the lovely cover art, who is present with her throughout the whole story. Andrew does a great job of drawing lovely parallels to The Wizard of Oz’s cowardly lion, which as we all know in the end isn’t so cowardly after all 🙂 And just as Dorothy and her friends journeyed down the Yellow Brick Road, Lydia and her loved ones take a challenging but worthwhile journey themselves.

Plus, like any good novel there’s a PLOT TWIST! I loved it. It shocked me, delighted me, and even brought some tears. In my opinion, all signs of a job well done!

AND THE BEST NEWS… It comes out for YOU to read on November 11 via Kindle Direct!! I encourage you to take the time and read this novel. It’s not very long, and I can promise you that you’ll gain something personally from it. Plus, the overall theme and encouragement to me as a Christian to love people where they are… Man, that one hit me hard. You never know whose life you can change for the better just by loving them.

Just see for yourself what I Am the Lion teaches you…

Also, check out Andrew’s blog for more on his family’s adoption story… Truly beautiful and encouraging! Thanks, Andrew, for letting me read so many of your little gifts!

6 thoughts on “I Am the Lion: Book Review

  1. creatyvebooks says:

    I too had a chance to read I am the Lion by Andrew Toy and it was such a lovely and moving story. I hope people pick it up for the holiday season. It will make a fine family read.

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