Ladies, I’ve found the most wonderful, thoughtful, well-designed, and (mostly) free women’s devotion online! It’s fantastic, and it’s called #SheReadsTruth.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 10.20.49 PM

I downloaded the app from the iTunes App Store first and immediately loved all of the features. In addition to FREE devotion series, there are also book studies for just a few dollars each! Plus, there are really stinking cute wallpaper designs that accompany each devotion pack and serve as simple reminders on your phone’s lock screen of what the Lord is teaching you through your daily devos. I’m a big fan of that. Also, there is a journal within the app where you can note verses or passages that struck you and then find them easily later.

The best part about #SheReadsTruth is that it’s a community. At the end of each devotion, girls can comment and interact, encourage and pray, and truly bring their sisters in Christ before the throne in an online format. Crazy how technology is changing our world, but even crazier how those changes can impact the Kingdom. I feel like the app (and the website, which includes a GORGEOUS online store of scripture prints and journals and paper copies of devos) meets gals where they are in this modern technology age. That’s what spreading the gospel is going to look like for some, especially for middle and high school girls that only know what it is to have an iPhone in their pocket. Gospel-loving, trend-setting, scripture-teaching, beautiful devotions for every girl.

I just read the “Open Your Bible” devotion series (which is FREE) and was really challenged by the scripture and discussion. It definitely did some tugging at my heart to be more purposeful about my study of the Bible. Give it a try for yourself and let me know what you learn!

What do you think?

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