Nothing says Fall like…


I don’t consider myself the sportiest girl in the world. In fact, I don’t consider myself all that sporty at all. (Unless we’re running or Zumba-ing or boxing… I’m active, not sporty.)

But give me college football and I will be the happiest go-sportiest person in the room! Go Dawgs!


So far the Dawgs have had a great season, and Will and Ginger have had a pretty good season too!

Here are some of the highlights: Game 1 vs. Clemson we hosted a tailgate at our apartment with friends and hot wings and a big win! Game 2 vs. the Gamecocks we ventured down to Will’s family’s house and again had food and lots of fun. Unfortunately no win… But Game 3 vs. Troy was a sweet victory at our favorite restaurant, Margaritas! Game 4 vs. Tennessee we were moving. Hah! We spent the morning moving and the afternoon sitting on an empty floor with a tv cheering on the Dawgs. And Game 5 vs. Vandy… We got to go HOME to Athens! My husband is the best person there ever was and let me go to a game WITHOUT HIM… He’s an angel (especially since Mary & I had 3rd row, padded seats… no big :)), and once again we were able to spend time with people with really really like.

TailgateGameday Tailgate2GamedayWhether it’s at home with friends or in the stadium with friends, there’s just something about this season.

I think it’s the fact that it brings us all to one city.


You know, when college ends your friends get thrown around the map, and that’s hard! But maybe I’m just a sentimental football fan that likes what the season represents… Unity. Commitment. A common passion. Look at me getting all deep over here about the Dawgs. If my ramblings aren’t enough, just try this video out for size and tell me this isn’t a special time of year.

What do you think?

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