The Rookery

It’s about time I start introducing you to some of my favorite places in our new town. Since we ate dinner there tonight it only makes since to begin with… (drumroll, please)… The Rookery!


If you like burgers, Holy Smokes! You’re in for a treat! Anything and everything on The Rook’s menu is amazing, but they have a slew of specialty burgers that are all named for famous Georgians and are top-notch! Some of my personal favorites are the Ray Charles burger with guacamole, bacon, and pepperjack and the Johnny Jenkins burger with pimento cheese and bread & butter pickles… Are you drooling yet?

And if the burgers aren’t enough to get you there, Will swears by their Blind Willie’s Buffalo Chicken sandwich, and I can’t say enough about their hand cut fries or homemade chips… All of the above is yummmmmmy! Of course, if dessert is your thing you have to check out their pies or milkshakes!!! Two of their milkshake specialities are the Jimmy Carter with peanut butter, banana, and BACON (literally Heaven-in-a-cup) and the Orange Dreamsicle!!!

Oh and don’t get me started on the Biscuit Brunch that they offer on Sundays… Absolutely divine!

The Rookery has become our go-to restaurant for showing off the town to visiting guests and serving as our casual date-night spot. You’re planning your trip to Macon, aren’t you?

3 thoughts on “The Rookery

  1. haleyreed1006 says:

    What?? I was at Dovetail last night! Please tell me you were not just downstairs the whole time and I didn’t see you. I can’t wait to try this place. I also can’t believe I’ve lived here this long and haven’t made the trip!

    • gingerhcollins says:

      Seriously?? That is so funny!! I bet we were sitting right below haha! And this is sad but we went again for lunch today… (It’s an obsession.) If you ever need an excuse to go, I’m envisioning a double date night 🙂

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