Braggin’ bout my Momma!

Momma has started a business! Yayyyy! She’s so smart! If you ask her, it’s a hobby. But when you’ve made over 40 succulent arrangements, you can turn a profit… and that’s business 🙂

suc 1

Her vision is to create unique, one-of-a-kind, eye-catching arrangements using succulents. She has been SO creative with her choices of rocks/fillers and containers to put the plants in. There is everything from single plants in teacups to large arrangements including 10-15 plants! And her prices are going to range from $8-$55… So there’s something for everyone!

suc 2

If you’re in the Atlanta area and would like to check out her products, she will be at these festivals selling her succulents within the next month:

suc 3

Come have some fun at these fall festivals with us!! Also, if you’re interested but can’t make it to one of these events, send me a message and we can find the right arrangement for you!! Believe me… they are all one-of-a kind and beautiful!!

I am so proud of my Momma for passionately pursuing this hobby and having such a positive attitude about her new venture. She’s always believed in me, and I believe in her and this project!! Plus… succulents are so trendy 🙂

What do you think?

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