Low-profile Halloween Costumes

With Halloween approaching, I have been putting some thought into what famous pair Will & I should be this year… And I need some help!! In our 6 years of knowing each other we have NEVER dressed up for Halloween… Kinda crazy, huh? We’ve always used Georgia-Florida as our excuse to avoid costume parties because, if I’m being honest, we just don’t love costume parties. But this year we are planning to attend the law school’s Halloween Bash, and we don’t want to be the lame-os that had lame-o costumes!!

If there was such a thing, our costume party “style” would fall into the low-profile Halloween costume party-goers. For example, in high school Will dressed up as Tom Cruise from Top Gun. Didn’t take much. The Zaxby’s lady already calls him Tom anyway, and all he had to do was wear some aviators and a fighter pilot jacket. Boom. Pre-Oprah’s-couch Tom Cruise. Me? I always took the hippie route and wore a tie-dye shirt, bell-bottoms (which were in my closet anyway), and a headband around my forehead instead of on top… So we are really creative, folks.

So far the only requirements we have are:

1. Famous couple/ pair. That way we can rely on each other to help explain our identities for the entire night. And that way the costumes are FREE because we can pull from our own closets. 2. Preferably something recognizable enough that we DON’T have to explain our identities for the entire night. That can get awkward fast. And 3. Nothing weird. We’re only going to follow through if we’re dressing like people, not animals or something of the like.

The ideas so far…

  • Phil & Claire Dunphy – We LOVE Modern Family and the Dunphy’s dress basically like we do (so that’s easy). But even with Phil’s magic tricks and Claire’s constant mom-ness, there is a huge chance that only 1 out of 10 people in the room would get it. Therefore breaching requirement #2… But I like it.
  • Johnny Cash & June Carter – I tease my hair more than normal (aka. I tease my hair a tiiiiiny bit). He uses his pomade to slick his hair back. And we break out into song whenever people ask who we are. This one’s growing on me…
  • Any president + wife – Easy. Straight forward. But probably half of the law school’s idea. So I guess another requirement is not doing something so obvious that we’ll see mirrors all night…

Ugh. Can you tell that I’m thinking about this too much???

I would LOVE some ideas from the peanut gallery! Any idea is a good one because (as you can see) we haven’t had many 🙂 I might even make this a little contest… Whoever can give us the best suggestion will receive my undying love and some Halloween candy!! How’s that for a prize?!

5 thoughts on “Low-profile Halloween Costumes

  1. Your Mom says:

    Ward & June Cleaver – “Leave it to Beaver’s” parents if you didn’t know or some other 50’s icon couple – Not Lucy & Ricky more like “Father Knows Best” with Ginger in pearls and Will with the bow tie & saddle oxfords. Ahhhh! It just hit me! JFK & Marilyn Monroe !!!!!

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