Julep Mavens

You’ve probably seen ads for it on Facebook, but if not, Julep is a FANTASTIC nail and skincare company that offers quality items for an affordable price! They have a “club” called Julep Mavens that sends out monthly boxes, like Birchbox but with awesome nail polish every time.

I signed up during a free summer box special and received 3 nail polishes, the best smelling hand cream I’ve ever owned, and a cuticle treatment that has led to noticeable differences in the strength and health of my nails. Winner winner, chicken dinner.


The best part is that the polishes are SUPERB. They dry quickly, only need 1 (maybe 2) coats, and last for a loooooong time, which is important with the job I have. The hot pink “Maddy” has been a great go-to for my fingers and toes. Just today I sampled the orange “Marjorie”, which is now a staple for my fall wardrobe. And I may just save my lavender polish for the spring… or a special, soft outfit.

If you’d like to join the Mavens and begin your journey with a free box, check out the site and try the code “FREETREATS” through the end of the week to get a special fall/ Halloween box. I’m enviously of the black and sparkly purple being released with this box… and may just have to order one for myself! Enjoy the treat!! (It’s a $25 value for just $2 shipping!)



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