App of the Day: Fitbit

My first day with my Fitbit Flex was also the day we moved… So basically my Fitbit thinks I’m way fitter than I would be on an average day. But I’m okay with that 🙂


(Those 5.85 miles were basically all going up and down our staircase with furniture… Thanks, mega-calves.)

I am SUCH a fan of this device!! (Note: you must purchase a Fitbit device for the app to be of any use to you.) I synced my Fitbit Flex up via Bluetooth to my iPhone and BOOM! Instant step and mileage counts, record of your active minutes, AND a count of how many calories you’ve burned (bye bye, Map My Run).

Also, you can log exercise that you do throughout the day and add in meals to keep up with calorie intake (bye bye, My Fitness Pal).

Plus, (as if it didn’t do enough while you were awake) it tracks your sleep and lets you know how many restless minutes of sleep you had (bye bye, Sleep Time).

Basically this one little device sends all of your wellness data to one app, so you can declutter your iPhone of the zillion wellness apps you have and get it all in one easy to navigate dashboard!! Helloooooo, Fitbit!

P.S. Special thanks to Ooma and Grandaddy who are the real Fitbit pros… Couldn’t have done it without you!!!

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