Remember that time we moved in a day…

… yeah, my calves do too.

So the wonderfully decorated apartment I blogged about 3 days ago? We moved out the next day. Haha! Life is funny, and sometimes the Lord has a funny way of showing you when and where to go. Also, He is really good at showing His grace through imperfect times, and our new place is even better than we imagined. (Thanks, mom, for always believing that and reminding me all along that it would be.)

The decision wasn’t easy. Obviously in the heat of law school and GAA it wasn’t our first choice to relocate. But circumstances led us to a crossroads, and through many prayers and debates and even a few tears we knew what we had to do… Make a move. For safety. For peace of mind. For the chance to make this place our home.


Not too shabby for a day’s work. (Sidenote: I didn’t totally hate recreating/ redecorating a space with so much character. Keeping those home decorator dreams alive!)

The best news is that we are now in a great neighborhood! I can’t wait to run through the cherry blossoms in the spring! Plus, we have the best landlords (who I hope to befriend), we STILL have a brick wall (hallelujah!!), and to make things even better we now have AWESOME skylights that let in infinite amounts of natural light. Better. Than. Imagined.

All in all, me and my calves are thankful for a new place to call home. Now for the housewarming party… 🙂

What do you think?

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