Now that I’m a real teacher…

… I have a real Teachers Pay Teachers account!!

I feel really official.

Today alone I sold 10 products!!! By the way, did you know if was Constitution Day?? I did. And my kiddos were the most festive of kiddos at school. We even wore (well… attempted to wear) hats all day to show our patriotism!! And because I’m a forward-thinking gal, I made an activity for us to do and posted it on TPT. Apparently between 7am and 1pm today there were 10 teachers out there that were told that it was Constitution Day, and I’m SO glad that my little activity came to the rescue đŸ™‚

photo 1-2

photo-6photo 3-2

I wish I could show you the little smiley faces that wore these hats!

OH! And I also finally posted my Word Wall today.

photo 4-1

Successful day living the #teacherlife.

What do you think?

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