The Revival of Book Club

Remember when I said we were taking a break from Netflix and reading more? Well that lasted for a little while, and then we watched all six seasons of Modern Family like it was our job.

But now, hubby’s natural state looks like this:

Study Boy

Huge books (because that’s law school), huge headphones (because noise-canceling technology is where it’s at), sharp clothes (because you have to dress for success), and pensive expression (because).

So my schoolteacher self has taken to reading for pleasure. For once in my entire life I am not a student. No papers to write (unless you count IEPs as papers, which maybe you should), no classes to attend (except the ones I teach), and (almost) no work to bring home. Haha. Okay. That last one was a joke. But in comparison to the amount of work Will does at work, I have LOTS of free time.

My first pleasure read was a book I’ve been wanting to read since before the adapted movie version was even announced. Let me be clear… I haven’t seen the movie nor was I planning to until I read the book because I heard too many wonderful things to not read it for myself. Book #1… The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Now I am aware that I am not in high school, but I seriously doubt that high school fiction will ever bore me. I never cried (call me Cold), but I was so captivated by the spread of emotions in this novel. Real joy. Real sadness. Real anger. Real life. High school, shmigh school… It was a darn good book.

And it was so darn good that I decided that my next pleasure read should be by the same author. I’m currently reading Paper Towns by John Green. It’s good. Hasn’t hit me like Fault did yet, but then again I’m only on Chapter 6 so I’ve got a ways to go.

One thing that I love about Green is the way that he says things that we all think but don’t take the time to either process and reflect on wholly or just say aloud. Emotions that are raw, yet sensitive. Harsh, yet witty and playful. I like him. I like him a lot. And I’m already planning Book #3… Looking for Alaska (by Green). I figure I might as well not mess with a good thing 🙂

Anyone else a John Green fan? I understand that for many this is a rhetorical question, but I want to know why. Let’s make this book club revival interactive. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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