App of the Day: iReconcile

Money apps can be scary. I don’t like giving out my financial information at all, so iReconcile was the perfect app for me when I was looking for a way to keep up with my budget without having to input any personal info (other than account totals). What iReconcile does is help you track your spending. It doesn’t actually connect to your accounts, so the accuracy of it is all on you. But it is an awesome way to keep up with your ledger of spending without having to check your mobile account everyday. AND you can add multiple accounts! As many as you have! So you can see everything (credit cards, savings accounts, checking accounts) all at one time! Plus, there is a lock feature, so unless someone has the 4-digit pin they can’t see your account!

I used iReconcile’s free version for over a year (thanks to my buddy Taylor Martin’s suggestion), and then when Will and I got married and joined the moneys together we upgraded to the iReconcile paid app. The best part about the paid version is that you can sync between devices! This means that Will and I can both input transactions anywhere, anytime and it will sync up so that when the other person goes to make their next purchase they are seeing the most accurate account information. Again, this all depends on how well you keep up with it. I won’t point fingers, but there have been times that our iReconcile has been QUITE different from our real account total… Maybe I forgot to put in a pedicure… Sue me. (Or maybe I didn’t add it on purpose.)


We have loved this app and how it serves as a useful budgeting tool as well as accountability for spending. For instance, I will sometimes refrain from that chocolate bar at the gas station for the sheer fact that I don’t want Will to know the mass amounts of chocolate I’m smuggling into my diet… Or at least how much it costs 🙂 But really, honesty in a relationship is the key and that honesty extends to spending and how you honor YOUR (not his or my) money.

For anyone, try out the app! For marrieds, try the sync feature. You can pay $1.99 monthly if you just want to test it out or $19.99 a year if you want it for day-to-day use. It can be found in the App Store for any Apple user. We just resubscribed for a year, so obviously we’re fans. Share your opinions on the app, other apps you’ve used, or helpful ways that you have found to budget and monitor your spending!!

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