A Month of “Awesome” – Day 29

My number one favorite thing to do is be silly. Whether it’s at home, with friends, or in public I love a good laugh. Will & I were put in charge of game night with the youth at church tonight and we decided rather than go the typical physical challenge game route we’d take a different approach.

We divided the youth into four groups and gave them songs to make up interpretative dances too… It was possibly one of the funniest things I’ve ever witnessed. We had boys dancing with a teddy bear to Barbara Ann. There was a very good solo rendition of It’s Gonna Be Me by N*Sync. We felt a lot of soul to Waterfalls by TLC. And (very reluctantly) we saw a surprisingly energetic interpretation of Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus. Classics.

And to make it even better we played a game afterwards where some of the kids shared funny/ embarrassing stories about themselves… Pure joy!

Laughing until your sides hurt. My favorite kind of awesome.

What do you think?

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