A Month of “Awesome” – Day 18

Yard work is hard. And hubby won’t let me cut the grass because he thinks I’ll chop a toe off (even though I’ve got years of experience under my belt… just letting that be known 🙂 ). So therefore, hubby is left to do the yard work, or at least the grass cutting, alone. If you don’t live in Georgia you might not be familiar with our summers and how every evening it’s almost guaranteed that it will rain. Therefore, the grass grows really fast and tall and there’s not a large window of time for you to cut it.

My sweet Will cut our yards (front and back) with a PUSH MOWER for almost 6 hours over the course of 2 days… What a man. If you’ve seen our yard you know that it’s not small. It also looked like the Amazon by the time he was able to cut it. So I was very thankful 1. that our yard became beautiful again and 2. that he wouldn’t let me do it 🙂

A hard working man. Very awesome!

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