A Month of “Awesome” – Day 13

Okay… what I’m about to write about didn’t happen today. But as I sit and reflect on what an adventure has led up to such a special event (that is tomorrow) I am thankful for a lot. I’m thankful for friends who like to celebrate and have fun together. I’m thankful for road trips and memories that will last forever. And I’m thankful that the Lord placed two wonderful people in just the right place at just the right time so that one day their love story would be one for the books 🙂

Amy and Tyler get married tomorrow! Yay! And it has been my joy to celebrate them over the past few months in preparation of this day. From cupcake showers that Tyler wasn’t allowed at to showers thrown with him completely in mind (aka. Poptarts and Koolaid galore) to a poolside soiree with more delicious food and drink than we could all consume to a great girls’ weekend by the pool in Orlando to a great guy’s weekend being mountain men in Asheville, NC… So much celebration honoring these dear friends and it’s all because their love is so genuine and true. It is a love that is due much celebration.

My friends are getting married tomorrow! It’s gonna be awesome!

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