Softball and beef jerky

photo 4

What an odd blog title for me to post.

My mom & dad will be especially confused since they were there to witness my one (just one) glorious season of softball as a 7-year-old, in which I got on first base an astonishing… once. And it was a walk… so sad.

But this week, I am THANKFUL for softball and beef jerky. What?! Yep. I said it. Softball, a sport I know really nothing of. And beef jerky, a food I never wish to eat. But nonetheless, this week they’re on my thankful list. (Speaking of, I’m thinking a thankful list might be a good blog series… Hmm.)

Here’s why. Softball and beef jerky have been my IN to a relationship with an 11-year-old girl this week. Softball and beef jerky are a way that I’ve been able to make her feel special, unique, and known. Softball and beef jerky have given me a chance to look at a girl who is misunderstood and say, “I think you’re capable. I think you’re worth something. I don’t think bullying and attitude define you.”

And she in turn has smiled with me.That’s why I’m thankful.

2 thoughts on “Softball and beef jerky

  1. dikdikpellek says:

    One good thought deserves another. My thankful list includes softball, birds, flowers, rocks and trees. The chronicles that I write tell a few stories about all of them. Thanks for the inspiratation, Ginger.

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