App of the Day: Shopkick

I get made fun of by my husband for this one because every time we walk into a store, I walk very slowly though the entrance with my phone in hand waiting for my “kicks” for walk-ins to register… Oops. But if I can get paid in Target gift cards for walking into Target every once in a while… OKAY!

Here’s how to do it (and if you’d like to sign up, let me know so that I can send you a personal invite… we both get points for it :)):

1. Download the Shopkick app and make an account with your email.

2. There are three ways to get points, or “kicks”, but I personally only use two. The way I get my kicks (hah) are by walking into participating stores and letting the GPS in my phone locate me in the stores (Target, Old Navy, Macys, Kohls, Walmart, etc., etc.). Usually I get about 50 kicks per walk-in. I also sometimes scan items (another way for Will to tease me), but I only do this if it’s worth my time. In other words, if it’s 50 kicks or more and easy to locate, I’ll scan it 🙂 The final way to get kicks is by linking your credit card to your account and getting points for buying things at the stores. This one makes me nervous. I don’t like having my card info out there, so I just don’t utilize that feature of the app.

3. Once you’ve got about 1,500 kicks… it’s gift card time!! In my 6 months of using Shopkick, I’ve gotten $5 in Starbucks gift cards and $20 in Target gift cards. Pretty sweet for just remembering to open an app when I’m doing my regular shopping.

Now you could get really intense about this app and get a TON of gift cards by popping into stores each day. Haha. But who has time for that?! Not me. So I just use it when I’m shopping rather than going out of my way to get points.

Fun, fun, fun. Make your shopping trips into a new fun game and get free stuff!

What do you think?

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