App of the Day:

Today’s app is actually just a website, Now I won’t lie… This website is much more time consuming than Vinted or some of the other free stuff apps I use. But it’s great if you’re having a Netflix marathon or just chilling on the couch or procrastinating from studying (not that I do that…)

The premise is… you take surveys. About everything! Sometimes it’s household appliances, sometimes it’s food, sometimes it’s toilet paper. Really. Anything. But the more surveys you take, the more the site gets to know you and you stop getting all the surveys that don’t relate to you (like about baby food and diapers).

My one warning with MySurvey: They sometimes ask for personal information. For example, they may ask to text you. They may ask to access your webcam. They may ask you how much you make in a year. My rule on this type of info… Just. Say. No thanks! Saying no to certain things doesn’t prevent you from being able to take surveys, but I just don’t want that kind of thing to be out there for… whoever. Because honestly, 90% of the time you have no idea who you’re taking the surveys for. Market research, obviously. Not just anyone can create a survey… They are legitimate surveys given by legitimate companies. But that’s just my one warning for the day 🙂

Want to hear about the perks? You get points for taking surveys. Longer surveys are usually worth more points. Some surveys aren’t worth any points. Pay attention to that and don’t waste your time. Once you have about 1,000 points (the equivalent of 10 surveys on average), you can trade in your points for gift cards! You can get gift cards to almost anywhere… WOOHOO!

In the short time I’ve used MySurvey, I’ve gotten $30 worth of gift cards. We use my surveys (hah) as our fund to buy Vue Cups for our Keurig. Practical way to get what we’d already be buying… but for free! (Other than the hours of mindless survey-taking, of course.)

What do you think?

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