Fancy-Shmancy Lovey-Dovey Date

Valentine’s Day has never been mine and Will’s favorite holiday. Chocolates, flowers, giant teddy bears (those commercials are hilarious by the way)… A showy parade of what, in my opinion, deserves to be shown daily. And in less extravagant ways.

But please don’t get me wrong. I looooooooooove LOVE! I love love letters. I love acts of service. I love little thoughtful gifts (including normal sized teddy bears haha). And I love chocolates. I really do love chocolates a lot. It’s just something about one day that you must do all these things that drives me a little crazy. Because love is no obligation. It’s purely what should flow from the heart. And not just because the calendar says February 14th.

With all of this being said, Will and I DO celebrate the day of love in February. We’re not anti-Valentine’s Day by any means. But this year especially, since it’s our first V-day as marrieds, we wanted to do something special, meaningful, and adventurous (while still “us”).

Both of us really value quality time. If you’re familiar with The Five Love Languages (take the quiz here), we both rank VERY high in this category. So what better way to celebrate our love than to tap into that?? And to tap into our stomachs…

Blue Coop Restaurant is new to Thomasville… kinda. It’s owned and operated by our beloved Sweet Grass Dairy and is a farm to table masterpiece. Since it was Valentine’s Day, we got to try a 6-course gourmet meal, which was absolutely incredible. Will and I were more than pleased with our Valentine’s celebration.

Here’s just a few photos to make your mouth water and peak your interest for trying out new fave, Blue Coop! Sorry for the dim lighting… It was very romantic 🙂


I had never had oysters before… They were great!


Simple deliciousness. Field greens with a champagne vinaigrette.


They make all their noodles in-house… No big deal. It was awesome with the lamb.


Will had homemade noodles too but with clam sauce. Mmmm.


(In my opinion) THE BEST dish of the night. Braised Beef Short Rib with yukon potatoes and baby carrots.


Will was very happy with his black grouper and white beans!


Palette cleanser. Blood Orange Sorbertto… Yum.


Last but definitely not least, Chocolate Pot de Creme (AKA. HEAVEN IN A POT!), Chess Pie & Green Hill cheese (a Sweet Grass original) with local jam.

And of course my date was perfect 🙂


What do you think?

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