Book Club

Will & I have decided to put down the Netflix and pick up some books. I have a goal of reading all the unread books on our bookshelf, and Will bravely has decided to join me on this one.

Will is beginning with A Case for the Creator by Lee Strobel. I decided on a book given to me by my mother and written by a great inspiration of mine, Jen Hatmaker (who I had the pleasure of leading worship alongside at a conference in Athens). The book is Seven: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess. So far we are both quite happy with our first book choices.

Seven journeys through Jen’s experiment to simplify her life by only focuses on seven items each month. I have already gone through section one of Seven, and that first section focused on food. Seven foods were chosen to sustain Jen, and for a whole month that’s all she ate. Wow… The willpower to make that decision. Now, what I love about Jen is that she’s very human and honest about being so. As much as she documents triumph, heart change, and a closer unity with the Lord through her journalling, she also tells of her struggles, failures, and absolute humanity. It’s a real book about a real woman just trying to eliminate excess and get closer to Jesus. I can get behind that.

As I read of Jen’s experiences, I am challenged by the clutter and excess of my own life. I live in a far larger home with far more things than I could ever need… And guess what?! I keep buying stuff! I am never hungry or for want of anything, but I rarely empty out my resources and share with those who are. This book is opening up areas of my life that I didn’t know I wanted to change… but I do!

Through prayer, conversation with my hubby, and continuation of Seven, I too am going to take the challenge Jen gave herself. More Jesus. Less everything else.

What do you think?

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