Oops… I did it again!

Once again life started happening quickly and an unexpected blogging hiatus happened. A two month hiatus. Oops. BUT! So much has happened in two months that I’m very excited to share!

1. I graduated with my Masters degree in Special Education from UGA! After a year and a half of extra studies at my beloved university, I was able to walk across the stage, shake the President’s hand, and celebrate a Double Dawg career with all of my favorite people watching from the crowd. Amen, amen, amen! Research is done (and in the process of publication) and for once in my life I’m DONE with school! For now. Haha. Goal #13 on my list of 101 complete!


2. I quit my job at the Florida Autism Center. It was a hard decision. One that came with tears, struggle, and a whole lot of anticipation of missing some amazing kiddos and co-workers (which is happening as anticipated… I plan to visit often haha). But a really good decision, I believe. And here’s why…

3. I was hired (on the day of my graduation actually) as a special education TEACHER in the Thomasville City Schools System. A job closer to home. Closer to my community (that I’m excited to build in the upcoming year). And closer to my heart-tugs of building a career and making a difference in a public school system. Once again, amen, amen, AMEN! This was a COMPLETE God-given gift that I could not have pieced together more beautifully or in more perfect time… It was just amazing. And now, I sit on my couch thinking about the possibilities that begin for me 2 days from now when I stand in front of MY class for the first time. Whew. Teary-eyed and smiley-faced. Goal #14 on my list of 101 complete!


4. Will & I both got haircuts. We’re young. We’re professionals. We’re yo-pros… and we decided that we needed hairstyles to match. Voila! Shorty-McShort and the occasional JFK Jr. It’s fun to be adventurous, but I wouldn’t say either of us were drastic… That just wouldn’t be us.


5. Finally, we celebrated our first Christmas as marrieds… and it was SO MUCH FUN! Will & I started our new Christmas tradition (aka. shopping together for stocking stuffers 4 days before Christmas… We both admitted on the 21st that we hadn’t shopped, so we decided little Christmases are going to be our thing. With ninja spy tactics in a busy store as an added bonus 🙂 ). This completed my “start a new tradition” goal (#80 on my list of 101) as well!! Fun times with family and friends were had AND we even hosted a Christmas party in our home AND had my parents and grandparents stay with us for their holiday visit, which was just perfect. It WAS the most wonderful time of the year, and I think I ate my weight in fudge. No shame.

ImageSo 2013 was a great year for the Collins. I feel like I should do a year-in-review… but let’s be real I’d just talk about my wedding and my wonderful husband, and you guys have already heard about that! Haha.

Here’s to an even better year (how??) in 2014… One with hopefully less blogging hiatuses. But no promises. I am a teacher now, you know 🙂

What do you think?

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