Because everyone deserves a birthday week!!!

I. Love. Birthdays! This is a known fact. Also… I. Have. An. Amazing. Husband!!!! Known fact #2. Had to put some emphasis on it 🙂

It is my belief that birthdays should be extended for as long as possible. Heck, the celebration of our lives should be happening every single day! But taking a week to appreciate your life, treat yourself, and surround yourself with people you love is the greatest birthday gift of all.

On this first birthday as a married woman (and ya’ll… my birthday is actually tomorrow so its crazy that I’m even posting this now…), Will has treated me like a queen all week by presenting me with different “24th year” themed gifts every morning over breakfast, which is a gift in itself! I’ll take you through my birthday week (and let’s remember, my birthday is actually tomorrow so I’ll probably have a birthday WEEKEND post as well haha).

Monday: Candy is a love language. York Peppermint Patties are the epitome of saying “I love you”. Therefore, I received 24 Yorkies on my first day of the week. Precious.


Tuesday: Who doesn’t love music? Especially when there are road trips in the near future. Therefore, I received a $24 iTunes gift card. Yep… he scratched out the $25 and made it a $24. (He didn’t use the dollar though haha.)


Wednesday: Garden & Gun is the most beautiful magazine on earth. Southern culture. Delicious recipes. And all sorts of destination ideas. Therefore, I received a 24 month subscription to this beauty of a magazine. Loooooove it!


Thursday: So I’m cheap… If I ever get a Michael Kors watch I’ll cry because I can’t handle that kind of expensive commitment. I might also be too clumsy for something so nice. (I really shouldn’t have nice things…). Therefore, I received a fake MK watch (that looks so real!) to keep track of the 24 hours of the day.


Friday: Will said this last one was a stretch… but I didn’t mind a bit!! For 24/7 classiness you have to have a yo-pro (young professional) wardrobe. Therefore, I received this beautiful polka-dotted blazer!!! Ahhh! You did good, babe 🙂


A perfect week leading into a perfect weekend 🙂 And while I’m not usually very good at receiving gifts, I do love receiving words and thoughtful acts of service, which is exactly what my man gave me for my birthday week. Thankful, thankful, thankful! And so excited to put them all (yes, all) to use tomorrow on my BIRTHDAYYYYYYY!

What do you think?

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