Currently, I’m learning a lot about what it means to be courageous. I’m starting to realize that I really like structure. I super like rules. And I’m pretty good at setting expectations for myself and then following through.

All of these are good things. All of these things are safe.

As I was writing this post in Starbucks, the cutest little 4-year-old popped into the chair next to me. He told me his name was Aiden, stuck out his hand to shake mine, and then asked if we could be friends. Fearless. And absolutely genuine.

THIS reminds me even further of how much of a difference courage can make in our lives. The bravery of that little boy is what I aspire to live out. Standards are important. They guide us. They keep us in check. But some rules are meant to be broken so that we can live a little. Enjoy life more. Grow, experience, and thrive! Maybe even make a new friend in the Starbucks 🙂

I was already planning to post this quote, but after meeting Aiden I knew that today was the day. The day to truly begin following this one simple rule that has potential to shape everything else.


One thought on “Courage.

  1. Lecrecia Wilson says:

    Oh to have the faith of a little child – faith that if I stick my hand out to a stranger they will shake it. That I can make a new friend, or be the best friend I can be to old friends.

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